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Stana Katic is a Canadian-born actress, best known for her role as Detective Beckett in the TV show Castle. As anyone who works in the Hollywood industry, she has the typical responsibilities as attending events or interviews but can also be seen as a hard worker due to always finding time to think of others and helping them.

To Katic, children are very important as they are the future of humanity and, perhaps because of their innocence they have the ability to absorb everything, good and bad. That’s why the young actress is in favor of these children to grow up in a safe environment
and that’s why one of the institutions that Stana supports is The Children’s Hospital (located in Los Angeles). This is a hospital which aims to give children a good health service through research, development and implementation of technological equipment that may support the health of the kids. To make a donation click here.

On the other side, Stana supports the care of the environment which is why in 2010 she founded a nonprofit organization called Alternative Travel Project. It is described as an initiative to motivate people around the world to get out of the bubble of their cars and use different kinds of public transportation such as bus, train, subway, bicycle, skateboard, skates or just walking. The choice to use a different means of transportation has great impacts on the local economy, health, community and the environment. All those who decide to leave their cars at least once a week are putting their bit to decrease pollution while enjoying both people and landscapes that surround them while feeling better, physically and emotionally.

Lately, the organization grew a lot and has many targets to meet, and that’s why they need our help. There are three ways to help Alternative Travel Project:

1- By donating in the following link

2- A few days ago the organization created a profile on Ebay to auction products and experiences, such as a Meet & Greet with the founder (Stana) and with other actors from the cast of Castle.

3- And if you can not donate, another way to support the project is looking for transportation alternatives and try to persuade others wanting to walk around their cities without cars.

For more info check out ATP’s social media :


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 Indy Spirit regular Stana Katic (stunning as always in Chloe) praised the awards show “because some of the most challenging stories are being told here and supported in this venue, so I want to be there to acknowledge those artists.” Stana recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was a good sport when Jimmy teased her about giving up her car to help the environment. “He was teasing me the entire time, but he was also helping me get the message across about The Alternative Travel Project. I got so much response from high-profile government officials and really big news agencies, so what a gift Jimmy gave me.” Still, the late-night talk show format is one that Stana would like to master a bit more. “I guess I’m a little bit shy with that kind of stuff, so I always feel like the weird geek. [Laughs] And I kind of nerded out too over there!” I’ll have more with Stana later in the week about a new career endeavor she’d like to try her hand at (hint: it rhymes with clapping).


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Stana has attended the Spirit Awards for the 4th year in a row. As always, she looks stunning, so check out the photos!!

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CASTLE has (seemingly) said goodbye to its 3XK arc, and now it’s time for the team to get a little bit of a breather…to solve a murder on Mars.

No, the team isn’t going to space (though there are plenty of space/alien/sci-fi jokes in the hour), but the next episode, “The Wrong Stuff,” finds Castle, Beckett, and the team investigating the death of an astronaut who was training for a potential mission to Mars. (It’s as hilarious as you might expect.)

And while there are some lighter hours ahead, the show will also touch back on the mystery of Castle’s wedding day disappearance and subsequent missing months, and Beckett will try to figure out what’s next in her life.

I spoke with CASTLE boss David Amann about those things, and more…

ABC hasn’t renewed any of its shows yet, but this is also a year where there are contract negotiations for your leads. How are you shaping the final run of episodes of season 7 with that uncertainty in mind?

David Amann: We know where we’re going with the end of the season. We’re excited about the episodes [that are] upcoming. We have a plan for whatever comes along. We’re optimistic for a season 8, and we’ll do the episodes we can in the meantime. I think we’ll take it as it comes. We’ve typically been able to resolve our seasons in an interesting an compelling way, and we’ll do that, whatever comes about.

We got a bit of a mention of Castle’s missing months during the two-parter. When will the show be more fully exploring that?

DA: We believe it will reappear around episode 20. We’ll be revisiting the things he doesn’t remember.

Will it be a scene or two, or will the episode be more focused on that?

DA: I think that there are a lot of unanswered questions about that period of time. We owe the audience at least a partial explanation of what occurred, and that’s always been our goal. It very well may be that at the end of it all, not every question is answered, but I think we’ll walk away from that answer with great clarity about what happened to Castle.

That’s fantastic. What upcoming cases can you preview?

DA: One that’s particularly fun from my point of view is the [“The Wrong Stuff”]. There’s a murder on a mars simulation — there’s a bunch of [potential] astronauts who are locked up on “Mars,” preparing for the journey, and the problem is, no one, seemingly, could have gotten in or out of the simulation. We think there’s a lot of fun to be had there. It’s a really fun, poppy episode written by Terri Miller, directed by Paul Holahan. We think it’s delightful.

As they’re investigating the case, who is enjoying that environment the most?

DA: I think everybody got a kick out of it, because they’re all getting to walk around in space suits with the lights inside the helmets. I think everyone was having a good time. And the sets — the production design that was done for that show was remarkable by Alfred Sole and his team.

We have a couple other episodes in that [lighter direction] as well. We’ll be getting into the mythology in episode 20, and probably a bit of Beckett mythology. As usual, we have a mix between the fun shows and the shows that are leaning towards mythology or drama.

What kind of Beckett mythology will you be touching on?

DA: It’s kind of too soon to talk about that one. But we think it’s going to open up a little more storytelling for Beckett moving forward.

But it’s not Beckett’s mother’s murder case, correct?

DA: No. It may touch on things adjacent to that, but we regard that as pretty much settled now.

One of the things we’re playing with in the latter part of the season is that Beckett is in a mode of trying to figure out what she’s going to do next. Now that her mother’s murder has been solved, and things have settled between her and Castle to a large degree. We have her involved in a case with a very accomplished female detective from Hong Kong coming up in episode 17. And it’s an episode where it’s a lot of fun. Beckett’s measuring herself against this woman, and thinking about whether she’s met her match in this other detective. That’s another episode that’s coming up that we think fans are going to like.

Will that arc be touching on Beckett’s potential desire for children?

DA: I think the children discussion is really about the larger issue she faces, which is what does she want to do moving forward? And that’s something she’s going to be exploring as a character the next several episodes. Children is one aspect of that, but there’s also other things that relate to her career and her aspirations, that she’s now starting to contemplate.

– CASTLE airs Mondays at 10 PM on ABC.


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Please read about the campaign we started and what you can do to help!


On Monday February 16, Stana Katic announced her auction to benefit Alternative Travel Project while on Jimmy Kimmel live.

Jimmy Kimmel: ”What are you auctioning off? What are you selling, your car?”

Stana Katic: “Close. There was a, I’ve told this story before actually, I think on your show, there was a shirt that I wore for our test, for the Pilot of #Castle. It was a tunic top, and I didn’t have time to get the right size shirt, I thought I could tuck it in, I thought it’d be ok, and it wasn’t. So I grabbed some scissors and I went out to the lobby to look for somebody to help me with this shirt, and Nathan (Fillion) my costar was there getting a coffee. And he helped me cut it…”

JK: “And you said, will you mind cutting my dress off,”

SK: “He did it, and the producers saw it and I joked that’s how I got the job.”


Which brings us to this fundraiser and our desire to raise enough funds to buy the shirt, then give it back to Stana Katic because we believe that’s something she should have. ATP means so much to Stana that she’s willing to part ways with this for the sake of raising funds. So we’d like to take one of the things that we feel is important to her and give it back to her. This is the item that possibly changed her professional life forever, and as fans, we would rather her keep it as a memory of all she has accomplished and how grateful we are to her.

The items in Stana’s ATP auction are selling for far more than a lot of us have money for. This is a way for fans to share what they can and make it a collective effort to buy one item and still show their appreciation of Stana and support of ATP.

Now if you’re a fan of Castle, Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic or anyone associated with the show we ask that you please donate. If you’re unable to, then please spread the word #GiveBackToStana. Now we understand it’s going to be hard to do this, but we’re #Castle fans after all, we can raise the money needed. If we DO NOT raise enough money and are overbid on eBay we will still donate the money to ATP on behalf of Stana Katic. Either outcome, all funds raised are going to the Alternative Travel Project.

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