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It’s back to work day for Castle star Stana Katic, who today begins filming Season 8 of the popular ABC series. It was a busy three-month hiatus for Katic, during which she shot two indie movies, The Rendezvous and Sister Cities, and got married. In addition to playing the female lead opposite Nathan Fillion, Katic has added a new role on Castle as part of her new contract: a producer. In her first interview since signing on for Season 8, Katic talks about the decision to return, provides a glimpse at next season that promises to shake things up under new showrunners Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter, addresses her future on the show and what she would like to do next.

It was a nail-biting few weeks forCastle fans last spring when the contracts of both Fillion and Katic expired. By mid-April,Fillion, who plays Rick Castle, had agreed to a new deal, but Katic’s new pact did not close until hours before ABC was to announce its 2015-2016 schedule in May. Behind the scenes, things weren’t as dramatic, Katic says. “For me it wasn’t necessarily down to the wire,” she says. “I didn’t really start speaking about that until after we had wrapped the (7th) season. A lot of the discussions were happening while I was filming The Rendezvous, so I let my reps handle. It went rather quickly in the end.”

For Katic, signing on for Season 8 was way more than a business decision. “Part of my thought process making the decision whether to do another season was creatively, what would that would look like,” she said. Factoring into the consideration was the fact that Castle creator Andrew Marlowe was leaving the series after Season 7. “He was part of making this character (Kate Beckett) what she’s become, and he has been part of this dialogue about how to create a strong female heroine,” Katic said.

When Hawley and Winter — both experienced Castle writer-producers — were named as new showrunners, “I started to feel the character would be safe in the next chapter of Castle. I felt confident that they knew the story, the character — Terence has been on the show since Day 1, and some of the most interesting episodes for my character were penned by Alexi — and while they are eager to shake things up and aim at telling challenging stories, they would also protect the integrity of the character.”

After taking a day to move offices from his previous job as co-showrunner of The Following, Hawley, along with Winter and the Castle writing staff, went on a writers retreat where they hashed out a bible for Season 8. How will Hawley and Winter shake things up?

“There are a lot of shifts” planned, Katic said, noting that is excited about Hawley and Winter’s ideas while being coy about next season’s storyline and the resolution of Season 7 finale cliffhanger, which saw Beckett left pondering an offer to run for the New York State Senate. Still, she revealed some information about the opening two episodes and beyond.

Katic called Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 8 “brother and sister.” Each reflects Castle and Beckett’s perspective on “an event that shifts the entire season into a higher velocity” and “is part of what will set everything up for the next 20 episodes.”

Here are more clues about Season 8. “Part of the exciting thing about this season is the way Alexi and Terence have envisioned the cosmic version of why the two characters (Castle and Beckett) have come together, how did these roads combine. It delves into the mythology of Rick’s disappearance and memory loss as well as into what inspired Beckett to become a cop in the first place.”

Will Season 8 be Katic’s last on Castle? It is too early to discuss that, according to Katic. “I don’t know what is going to happen with Castle and its future as we are at the beginning of what this season is going to be.” But she was quick to point out that “as an actor, if we can tell many stories and have a creatively fulfilling experience, we love to jump and explore a character.”

Katic, who has won two People’s Choice Awards for Castle, also is looking to expand beyond acting to directing as well as “finding great projects and helping to put them together.” She calls that a natural progression for actors, especially women, noting that many actresses who have won an Oscar have done so with movies that they had helped develop and produce. “It’s about finding great pieces and stories that I can be part of” that may or may not be starring vehicles, Katic said.

Katic is starting work on Castle a week into production so she could wrap production on her second hiatus movie, Sister Cities with Alfred Molina and Jackie Weaver, which she just did over the weekend, and thanked ABC for graciously letting her carve time out for the film, which tells the story of four estranged sisters who reunite to mourn after their mother’s alleged suicide.

While Sister Cities was shot in LA, action adventure The Rendezvous, in which Katic plays the female lead opposite Homeland‘s Raza Jaffrey, was a completely different experience. It was filmed in Jordan and marked Katic’s first trip to the Middle East. “It was unique and amazing,” Katic said about the shoot that had to deal with traveling through the desert in 50° C heat (112° F), holding the camera for camel crossing or redoing a take interrupted by a call to prayer. Because Jordan’s economy is not as strong as America’s, the local film industry has to make do with less. “People try to make films happen with a bit more ingenuity, and there is something very charming about people’s generosity and desire to make it happen,” Katic said.

In addition to the two movies and the wedding, Katic took time this summer to work on her ATP foundation, which promotes alternative travel. She spent time meeting with people from Google, Metro as well as the White House discussing the issue that she is very passionate about. “I think this project is part of next chapter of what our planet will look like as within the next 10-20 years 70% of the planet’s population will live in cities,” she said. Katic is trying to set an example — making the commitment to travel by public transport or bike at least once a week.


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Check out these gorgeous new photos from the photoshoot Stana did in Greece last summer!

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Most people who get time off from work use it relax. Since she’s been starring as detective Kate Beckett on the ABC hit show Castle, actress Stana Katic has a tendency to use her hiatus time between seasons to go do another acting job.  For the Castle 2015 hiatus, she used it to do two: The Rendezvous and Sister Cities. Read on to see how these projects fit into the still rising trajectory of this talented & beautiful star.

(…)Artistic processes are all about making choices all the time, and the very act of making a choice is the distilling down and the getting to the core of what it is that you care about and what you want to say, really.

The above quote is from five time Oscar-nominated writer and director Mike Leigh.  This idea of actors making choices in what roles they do may sound unlikely to some.  Don’t actors – especially early on – just take what they can get?  Well, yes and no. In terms of what auditions come their way an actor has no control over it.  However, even early in the game an actor makes decisions on what they will audition for.  (For more on actors choosing – advice for actors ).

What strikes me about the Katic resume is that there aren’t any roles where she’s just there as eye-candy – and there’s no doubt she’s beautiful enough to play any number of roles that require nothing but the ability to be hot on film.  This speaks to the choices Katic didn’t make when going to audition and makes what she did do a snapshot of what’s been important to her early on as an actress.

In examining her body of acting work and her public persona, one can see Katic doing exactly as Leigh describes. Her work shows a steadily building arc that gives a picture of her not only as an actress, but of her larger artistic sensibility and spirit. These two new projects fit right into this arc, and appear to be creating a point that will allow more of who she is as an actress to shine.

Let’s look at the roles she’s doing in the first of these new projects.

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Stana’s definitely staying busy this summer. Not long after wrapping on The Rendezvous, she got busy on another project. She’s currently filming Sister Cities, a movie based on the play by Colette Freedman. You can read a synopsis of the play below, and it’s been confirmed that Stana is playing Carolina, the oldest sister. She is described as forty, a hard-driving lawyer, and recently divorced. Though I don’t see how Stana can pull off a 40 year old. The other sisters will be played by Michelle Trachtenberg, Jess Weixler and Troian Bellisario. The movie is directed by Sean Hanish. Make sure to follow the official Twitter page and you can read the play on Indie Theater.

Based on the internationally acclaimed play by Colette Freedman, Sister Cities tells the story of four estranged sisters who reunite for their mother’s alleged suicide.

Mary Baxter has had an enviable life – a dancer who married young and never looked back as she traveled the world and moved from one marriage to the next. Four husbands gave her four daughters, each of whom are as different from each other as the cities they were named after. When Mary dies, her live-at-home daughter, Austin, calls her three sisters to return to their childhood home for what appears to be a wake; yet when they discover mom’s still in the tub, the siblings quickly retreat into their childhood roles.

As a raging storm traps them inside their island home with their dead mother, the women’s fragile facades begin to crack as they share memories, play Scrabble, and drink a lot of vodka. Their bickering escalates, until finally Austin can’t hold back any longer and confesses that their mother had ALS and that her suicide was really a planned death. Her sisters are furious and want to turn her into the police.

Austin pleads that her sisters have no idea what she’s been going through in care taking of their mother. To prove it, she secretly poisons her older sister Carolina – giving her a drug, which paralyzes the body but leaves the mind alert.

Old animosities and new secrets continue to surface as the sisters panic that Carolina has been drugged for too long. Finally, she emerges from the paralysis. Her time spent immobile and dependent sways her opinion and she confesses that she would have done the same thing. Just as the police arrive to examine the body, and Austin faces the possibility of arrest, the sisters unite to take care of their own, finally understanding the true meaning of family.

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EXCLUSIVE: Stana Katic (Castle) and Raza Jaffrey (Homeland) will star in Sundance award-winning director Amin Matalqa’s action adventure The Rendezvous. Inspired by classic romantic capers as North By Northwest and Romancing The Stone, the film is an adaptation of Sarah Isaias’ book A New Song. Set in Jordan, the film recently wrapped principal photography on location there. Terrel Seltzer (One Fine Day) has written the script, which follows an unlikely pair who find themselves swept up in a deadly race to find a sacred Dead Sea Scroll hidden in the ancient city of Petra. The film is produced by Dan Halsted (Garden State) and Tricia Gibbs. Amanda Rohlke is exec producing. Alfonso Bassave, Ron Guttman, Glenn Fleshler, Darby Stanchfield, and Nadim Sawalha round out the cast. Stana Katic and Raza Jaffrey are repped by Gersh/ Principal Entertainment LA.

Matalqa, who is of Jordanian descent, has proven himself to be a prolific filmmaker and one equally comfortable in Hollywood and the Arab world. He directed Disney’s first (and only) Arabic language feature The United in 2012 to follow on from his debut Captain Abu Raed, which won the World Cinema Audience Award at Sundance. He is also a participant in Disney/ABC’s 2014-2016 Directing Program, which offers an extensive series of seminars and mentoring sessions with the goal of nurturing promising directing talent among industry pros.


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Stana shared the name of the movie she worked on over the summer, and we can finally announce that the official name of the movie is The Rendezvous. The film was shot in Jordan over the summer, with some final scenes being shot in Los Angeles, and begins post production soon. Thanks to the director Amin Matalqa, we also have some other information. He states that it’s an American film but that everyone will have access to see it. The film has drama, comedy, suspense, and action all brilliantly balanced by Stana and the cast, which include Raza Jaffrey, Meghann Cionni and Alfonso Bavasse. He says that fans of Stana will be extremely happy because this is HER movie and she is AMAZING. You can follow @AminMatalqa on twitter to receive the latest information. I’ve added some behind the scenes photos that members of the cast and crew have shared online over the past few weeks, which you can find at the link below.

In a post on Stana’s instagram yesterday, she said she begins rehearsals for a new film on Monday, so hopefully we get more information about that soon. We also know that Castle begins filming Season 8 on July 15th, so she’s definitely keeping herself busy this year!

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Stana attended a “Talks at Google” panel on Monday to talk about the Alternative Travel Project. The event lasted about an hour, and should be posted online on the official “Talks at Google” youtube channel. As soon as the video is available, I’ll post it here on the site. In the meantime, check out photos from the panel! There were no professional photos taken, but a lot of people were generous enough to share their personal photos on twitter and instagram.

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Castle calendars and DVD set are available for pre-order now! The calendars will ship on August 15th and the DVD will be available on September 1st. Click on the calendar previews below for full size and follow the links to get yours now! The 2016 Wall Calendar is $14.99 and the 2016 Mini Wall Calendar is $7.99.

A release date, box art and a list of extras have been announced for Castle: The Complete Seventh Season, which will be available on DVD September 1.

The wedding bells are ringing, but will Castle and Beckett really tie the knot? An astonishing turn of events tears television’s most loveable couple apart in a captivating new season of ABC’s beloved and inspired series. Experience every unforgettable moment with Castle: The Complete Seventh Season.

On the biggest day of his life, Castle is nowhere to be found… and it’s not because he has cold feet. Now, in a season of brilliant twists and turns, Castle and Beckett take on New York City’s most fascinating cases while they try to solve the mystery of their own relationship. Join them as they hunt for an “Invisible Man” with psychic powers and witness the return of their deadly rival, Dr. Kelly Nieman. Then dive even deeper into the fantastic world of Castle with exclusive bonus features available only on DVD!

“Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as Kate Beckett, Seamus Dever as Kevin Ryan, Jon Huertas as Javier Esposito, Tamala Jones as Lanie Parish, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle and Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers.

Here’s a list of extras:

AUDIO COMMENTARIES – “Driven” episode with Director Rob Bowman, cast Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever, and Writer David Amann; “Reckoning” episode with Nathan Fillion and Michael Mosley, Creator/Executive Producer/Writer Andrew W. Marlowe and Executive Producer/Director Rob Bowman.

RAGING HEAT WEBMERCIAL – Castle goes viral in this uncut Raging Heat webmercial.

“DEFINITION OF LOVE” PERFORMED BY SHAY-JEAN THE DYNAMIC DUO – The never- before-seen, DVD exclusive music video that Ryan and Esposito created for Castle and Beckett.

THE CAST BEHIND THE CAST – They are known as background and stand-ins, but for the cast and crew of “Castle,” their role is an essential part of the atmosphere that creates a realistic setting on the show and makes it possible to finish each episode on time. The cast will introduce us to some of the familiar, and not so familiar, faces of those who have been with the show for many seasons, as we go behind the scenes for a day in their life on “Castle.”




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I’ve added an archive of Stana’s audio interviews to our media site. Click on the banner below to listen!

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Added a few new photos from some older photoshoots. View them full size at the links below!

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I’ve added several BTS photos tweeted by the Castle cast, crew and guest stars from the finale last night. You can see all photos along with their source and caption in the gallery!

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CASTLE’s leading lady will officially be a part of season 8: Stana Katic (Beckett) has signed a deal to return for next year, ABC has confirmed. (Nathan Fillion (Castle) signed on for season 8 last month.)

Last night’s season finale featured Beckett at a crossroads as she had to decide whether she’d pursue becoming a captain or going down the path of a political career. By the end of the hour, she was undecided, so viewers will get some resolution to that story.

The upcoming season will feature some behind-the-scenes changes, however. As previously reported, current showrunner David Amann is stepping down, with long-time CASTLE writer Terence Paul Winter and former CASTLE writer/current THE FOLLOWING co-showrunner Alexi Hawley taking over as co-showrunners. Additionally, CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe and executive producer Terri Edda Miller confirmed on Twitter that they’re leaving the series. (Marlowe and Miller co-wrote last night’s excellent finale.)