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Photos: Stana Attends Television Academy’s Costume Design Nominee Reception

Home > Public Appearances > 2014 > Television Academy’s Costume Design Nominee Reception

Mad TV Interview

Videos From FoxLife Summer Party

Stana in Story Magazine

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Stana Katic
Written by Stefan Tošovi?
Photo Menelaos Myrillas, Bob D’Amico, TV FOX
Life in Hollywood is not a fairytale

American actress of Serbian descent in exclusive interview for the Story, speaks about her everyday life in America, about what did she learned growing up in a large family, reveals when did she cried the last time and what can always give her an adrenaline rush.

Magazine Story had a privilege to speak with a girl who our medias describe like a Serb who seduced Hollywood. Actress Stana Katic (36) is the star of the popular ABC’s TV show Castle, which airs on FOX TV Serbia, and that arrangement gave her a chance to appear in some of the most watched American talk shows, where she proudly spoke about her roots from this part of the world.

She comes from the family of Petar and Rada Katic, Serbs from Croatia, who emigrated from ex Yugoslavia to America. Today she lives under the hill with Hollywood sign on it and proudly treads the red carpets of some prestigious premieres. With a charm and modest lady we met in Athens, where she promoted the beginning of the Castle’s seventh season in Europe. That was an opportunity to embark on the adventure of sketching a portrait of this artist, in the atmosphere where a few agents are taking a really good care for her.

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Stana Featured in Gloria Magazine

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Hollywood diva from Cetina

Actress born in Canada, who became famous with her role of a detective in a TV show “Castle” in two weeks visited cousins in Sinj, Vrlika, Istra and Zagreb, in front of her grandfather’s house on Peru?ko lake she planted a rosehip tree.

Interviewer: Josip Jurcic

I always love coming to Croatia. Since I have relatives in Sinj, Vrlika, Istra and Zagreb, three weeks ago I went on a big tour and visited them all – Stana Kati? (36), Hollywood actress with Croatian roots, revealed at the beginning of our conversation in the luxury Athens hotel Astir Palace, where local cable television “FOX”, which also shows “Castle” in Croatia, in which she plays detective Kate Beckett, held a big party for the end of the sixth season.

Even though she speaks Croatian fairly well, for easier understanding we talked in English. She showed her human side and social sensitivity even at the very beginning of our conversation with a true remorse for the consequences of the floods with which inhabitants of Posavina and the entire region are facing.

More then 12 million Americans watch Stana Kati? in the role of the NYPD detective, who solves crimes with writer Rick Castle (played by Nathan Fillion), every week, she is also known for her roles as Hane Gitelman in Heroes, Colette Stenger in 24. She acted with Morgan Freeman in movie “Feast of Love”, she appeared in James Bond movie as a Canadian spy Corrine Veneau, in “Double Game” her partner was Richard Gere, and in drama “Big Sur”, she was a famous poet Lenore Kandel, she was also part of the team with Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes and Gabriel Macht in “The Spirit”. This year she won People’s Choice Award for the favorite television dramatic actress in USA, leaving behind her stars like Julianne Margulies and Mariska Hargitay. But, despite her fame, green-eyed beauty never forgets her roots.

She often mentions in interviews that her father Petar is from Koljani near Vrlika and that her mother Rada is from Sinj, her parents moved to Canada before she was born and settled in Hamilton. She’s their eldest child; she has a sister and four brothers. When she was five, her family moved to Illinois, to town Aurora close to Chicago where they owned a furniture store. That summer she went to Dalmatia with her parents for the first time. Enjoying a carefree countryside playing, as a little girl from American asphalt, remained in her memory forever, just like her mother’s cod and chard did, which she learned how to make Dalmatian style.

Invitation to Greece and filming a movie “Tourist” in Italy came in handy to travel around, so she first visited her cousins in In?ija, Serbia, and then she spent several days in Croatia and Montenegro.

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Interview With Athens Insider

When we sat down with Serbian-Canadian-American Stana Katic of the internationally famed TV series ‘Castle,’ we had no idea the response it would elicit from social media. Hundreds of likes, shares, re-tweets, comments and messages later from fans (both ours and her so-called ‘Stanatics’) we truly understand why this endearing woman has won the hearts of audiences globally.

Stana is a quirky, down to earth, warm, funny and deeply analytical woman…and of course, needless to say, GORGEOUS. Excerpt from the exclusive interview with Stana in Vouliagmeni.

Q: How do you like Greece, what is your impression? Has the reality of Athens been different than your expectations?
A: The people here are very generous, happy to share their language and culture. It’s been a real privilege. This is my first trip to Athens, in the past I have been to Thessaloniki. The architecture is much more modern in Athens than I anticipated and also the city is much more spread out. Greeks are so connected with the water. Everyone has to go to the beach. And people have been shocked that unfortunately I am not going to any of the islands on this trip. (Then, in her best, dead-on, thick Greek accent she says ‘And then they tell me…But this is not GREECE!’)

Q: So, this is your 7th season playing Beckett. She is now an integral part of you really. How do you relate to her? In what ways are you similar and in what ways are you different?
A: Other than looking alike (haha) I learn a lot from her. She’s very black and white. I am a little bit more hippie, rock n roll than she is. But in the recent seasons, she’s acquired this edge. I’m a bit more girly and goofy than she is. I admire her because she is a woman who is in charge of a Detective force. That’s bloody impressive–and she does it in heels!

Q: How has your role changed as an actress through the seasons?
A: As an actress over the years you learn a bit more stamina in terms of lifestyle. The grab bag of tools you have available to you improves–it evolves and you become more efficient. At the same time, as an actress on a show like this you have to be careful to not become complacent in the performance. It’s interesting as I have learned a lot year-to-year and have grown. It’s exciting to both play Beckett but also step away and play other characters during the hiatus, I am fortunate as I have a great balance of both. It’s nice to have the security of having a role that is so well received internationally but its also really wonderful, creatively fulfilling and inspiring to go work elsewhere with other creatives. As far as Beckett and her growth, she has developed colours and layers and they have opened her up–but they’ve had to, right? She’s a woman in authority and I believe women in this position have to wear all kinds of hats in their lives. We’ve been able to showcase all the sides of her: the vulnerable side, the romantic side, the playful side, the strong side and I think that’s very relate-able and believable. When it comes down to it, she’s emotionally driven because the murder of her mother is the reason she became a police officer. This gives her a strong quest for justice and makes her a more lethal force to contend with.

Q: Does it have its own type of pressure to have a lead role in such a successful series–personally and professionally?
A: he show wants to maintain a standard. The bar has been raised now as after six seasons, this last season was its best rated year which is very unusual and uncommon. I think everyone at the helm of that wants to keep it going at that level. Personally, I’m not driven by the show’s popularity of financial success. Success for me is something creatively inspiring and it can be anything–working with an amazing photographer, it could be music, it could be anything. It just has to be satiating creatively.

Q: Why do you think Castle has become the success it has? What contributes to?
A: It has a little bit of everything, it is like dessert after dinner—it has drama, romance, comedy and suspense. Each episode is like a finished package, people can come in after missing a week and pick up where they left off. It makes it easy to jump and jump out. The characters are alive, complex, unusual but believable.

Q: Can you tell us any spoilers or hints about Season 7?
A: They are currently writing the Season 7 script in LA so we are all riding the exact same wave! When I return in mid-July I will have the answer to this question but as of now, I don’t know a thing. The end of season 6 was so shocking even for myself so I have no idea how we are going to come away from that.

Q: Post Castle, what are your future plans and goals? Is there a specific role you would like to play?
A: I am open to seeing what happens next, I hope for roles that are engaging, interesting and constantly challenging. As an actress I hope for roles that will challenge audiences, I love vivid storytelling if I can dive into something that will be satisfying in that way, but I have no idea what sort of story I would like to take on next!

Q: What were you doing in Florence?
A: I am working on a film there right now called “The Tourist” that is centered around this game Calcio Storico (i.e. historic football). It has been played for hundreds of years in Italy and still is to this day. It’s a combination of football and battle–its very aggressive and rough. I play an American immigrant in Italy that has related to the lead character and opens a doorway for him to enter this sport.

Q: Favourite Movie?
A: ‘Dog Day Afternoon,’ ‘There Will Be Blood,’ ‘The Princess Bridge,’ and ‘City of God.’

Q: I heard you are quite the avid reader, what are you reading right now?
A: “A Story Lately Told” by Anjelica Huston and “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Q: I heard you have a project called ATP, could you elaborate on that?
A: Alternative Travel project is an initiative that I founded that aims to encourage people to get out of the bubble of their cars and to go car-free for one entire day. I founded it because LA is a very car centric culture and it makes it challenging for people to feel connected to a community–especially as a newcomer–and it separates and ostracizes people in a way. So ATP aims to encourage you to walk, cycle or use public transit for one day. People have been committing to it all over the world and it has positive effects on the environment, socially, etc.

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Videos: Stana’s Interviews at Fox Life Event

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2 More Under the Cut

Interview With Shoprano Blog

A few days ago at AstirPalace, I was really lucky to meet the gorgeous and talented Stana Katic, star in “Castle” that I always watch on FOX Life (Can’t wait for the Season 6 finale!)

FOX International Channels Greece brought for the first time in Athens the talented actress!

I arrived at Arion Hotel wearing Evi Grintela “The Shirt Dress” shorts and lace top, Ancient Greek Sandals, Chanel necklace, Sunboo sunnies, Hermes bag and Collier de Chien bracelet! It was a hot sunny day with amazing sea view from the Hotel!

Very friendly and even more gorgeous than on tv, she was kind and in a great mood! We had a small discussion about fashion and “Castle”!

  • Few of your favorite designers?

I have big big big list! For basic, urban, street style I love Helmut Lang, whose clothes are easy to wear, accessible and you can wear them all day but they always look structured and formed! In general, for my everyday life, I like easy, elegant and effortless looking clothes, like Rag & Bone!

Alberta Ferretti’s dresses are amazing, dreamy, romantic, exotic and different! I also love the amazing gowns by Alexander McQueen whose talent was insane! Saint Laurent is also one of my favorites – always evolving and interesting because the clothes are always changing and look fresh and effortless!

Generally, I love to mix and match designers and different styles, wearing hi and low price clothes and accessories together!

  • Do you have a “say” on what clothes you wear on “Castle” or is this already established?

I have a very good collaboration with a great stylist on the show! The looks are inspired by the amazing Slim Keith from the 40s! She is the reason that the director, producer and screenwriter Howard Hawks created Lauren Bacall and Kate Hepburn! Sleek and unafraid to wear those slack pants that were new at that time period, Slim Keith was ahead of her time in fashion, being a trend setter! She was a “go to” inspiration for the stories and the look on“Castle”! They wanted to present her as powerful, mouthy and able to play with the boys as Castle was! To be a true equal! Tough unafraid but still chic, feminine and elegant!

  • How similar is Stana to the character in “Castle”?

She is more black and white than I am! She is controlled in comparison to me…I am more rock n roll, more girly and goofy than she is! I admire her! She is in charge of a detective force and she does it in heels…pretty impressive!

  • How much have you grown through the 6 seasons of “Castle”?

Over the years you learn more stamina! Acting tools get better and more efficient! I have learned a lot and I have also grown as an actress playing in “Castle” for 6 years and at the same time playing other characters in films! It is wonderful and inspiring!

Also my character in “Castle” has grown! They have opened her up more! She is a woman in authority but she also wears all kind of “hats” – we can see other sides of her: the romantic playful, strong, and also vulnerable side! The character has grown; she is more thoughtful about the steps she makes now!  

  • Why do you think “Castle” has such a big success?

I believe it’s a mix of things! It has the detective interesting stories but there is also a romantic and a funny side to it! In addition, each episode is self contained, so when you watch an episode you can always follow it even if you miss one!

…Wish I had more time with her but I was really lucky to have met her! She is truly wonderful and hopefully we may see her again in Athens soon!


Stana’s Interview With Alexandros Romanos Lizardos