Feb 03, 14

9 Questions With Castle’s Stana Katic

What would a weekend in Los Angeles be without an awards show? Honestly, I think Hollywood is required to give out awards just about every weekend now. OK, so that’s not entirely true, but it feels that way so far this year—and Saturday night was no exception with the highly respected Writers Guild Awards.

The West Coast show (yes, there was one also held on the East Coast) brought out celebs like Joe Manganiello, Betsy Brandt, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, lifetime-achievement honoree Garry Marshall, and others. Among the celebrity presenters was Castle leading lady, Stana Katic, whom I nabbed for a red carpet interviewin what I’m calling “9 Questions With…”

Favorite line from Castle: “Shut the front door!” I love that line.

Coming up next: I’m producing a film called Marriage of True Minds and also working on another project as another possible producer. If you have a great script, you have a great backbone, so that’s where we’re at. I have a time frame, but I think making a movie is a lot like making a house. It always ends up being three times as long as you anticipate, so I’ll just keep my head down and keep working away and hopefully bring something that people like to the screen.

Honeymoon location of choice for Castle and Beckett: Ha! I don’t know! Anywhere on the planet would be good with me.

Thoughts about seeing yourself in a wedding dress? I was playing the character, so I was just trying to be as truthful as the character would be in that situation.

If you could travel back in time to witness any historical event, what would it be? The Berlin Wall coming down.

You were born in Canada. Who are you rooting for in the Olympics? I hope everyone that is really talented wins! [Laughs]

Where do you keep your People’s Choice Award? It’s here in L.A. and somewhere where I can see it and kind of giggle. I still can’t believe that I got that. It’s cool.

The director, writer, or producer I’m dying to work with: Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Ted Griffin, who wroteTerriers, Quentin Tarantino, and anything Harvey Weinstein does.

The performances I’m rooting for at the Oscars: There’s so many great films and performances. Michael Fassbender is phenomenal in 12 Years a SlaveMeryl Streep, of course. You know you’re going to walk into something that I love, and once again she delivered in August: Osage County. There’s a lot to choose from and root for.