Feb 22, 15

Behind the Scenes at the Independent Spirit Awards

 Indy Spirit regular Stana Katic (stunning as always in Chloe) praised the awards show “because some of the most challenging stories are being told here and supported in this venue, so I want to be there to acknowledge those artists.” Stana recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was a good sport when Jimmy teased her about giving up her car to help the environment. “He was teasing me the entire time, but he was also helping me get the message across about The Alternative Travel Project. I got so much response from high-profile government officials and really big news agencies, so what a gift Jimmy gave me.” Still, the late-night talk show format is one that Stana would like to master a bit more. “I guess I’m a little bit shy with that kind of stuff, so I always feel like the weird geek. [Laughs] And I kind of nerded out too over there!” I’ll have more with Stana later in the week about a new career endeavor she’d like to try her hand at (hint: it rhymes with clapping).