Shut Eye

A dark contemporary gangster drama set in Chicago. SHUT-EYE derives its edgy chemistry from conflicted loyalties. Two couples use their insider status at a strip club to plan a robbery they believe will be foolproof. Family ties and mob allegiances become confused as betrayals, reprisals, and changes of heart set the stage for an unexpected climax. This seventh feature by Chicago director Covert uses the freedom of access afforded by the digital camera to emphasize the visceral quality of the story.
Director: John Covert
Producers: Mitchell L. Cohen, David Coulter, John Covert
Writer: John Covert
Co-Stars: James Aidan, Brendan Averett, Mike Bigane, Aimee Bravo
Genre: Crime and Mystery, Thriller
Themes: Drug Trade, Mafia Life
Rating: N/A
Run Time: 85 min
Release: January 15, 2003
Stana’s Role: Angela

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