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Nov 14, 17

Absentia 1×10 “Original Sin” Promo and Sneak Peek


Nov 06, 17

Absentia 1×09 “Child’s Play” Episode Synopsis, Stills, Promo & Sneak Peek

Emily is able to retrieve more information from Charles and hopes that this will be a breakthrough in her research. Will this lead to Flynn? Will she discover the identity of who is after her? Will Tommy and Nick catch Emily and end the case that consumed the former agent’s life?


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Oct 23, 17

Absentia 1×07 “A & B” Sneak Peeks


Oct 16, 17

Absentia 1×06 “Nobody’s Innocent” Promo & Sneak Peeks



Oct 09, 17

Absentia 1×05 “Dig” Episode Synopsis, Stills & Sneak Peeks

When Detective Gibbs and Nick find an FBI agent who appears to have been murdered by Emily, the hunt for her goes up to a new level. With the help of a clue given to her by Adam Radford, Emily tries to tie all the threads while evading arrest. Nick tries to reconcile with Alice’s betrayal. Can Emily save herself? Can Nick keep his family together?


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Oct 03, 17

Absentia 1×04 “Me You Him Me” Episode Synopsis, Stills, Promo & Sneak Peek

The evidence against Emily is too much for the FBI and Boston Police Department to ignore, so they ask her to turn herself in. In the midst of chaos, old feelings come to the surface between Nick and Emily. Emily decides she would rather flee and try to solve the mystery that is ruining her life. Can Emily save her relationship with Flynn? Is it possible for agent Adam Radford to solve this mystery? Can Nick trust Emily anymore?


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Sep 27, 17

Absentia 1×02 “Reset” Sneak Peeks


Sep 25, 17

Absentia 1×03 “The Emily Show” Sneak Peeks


Sep 13, 17

Absentia 1×01 “Comeback” Sneak Peeks


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