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Mar 14, 18

Stana Katic opens up about being fired and finding her ideal role

For eight seasons, Stana Katic made Castle a must-see for crime TV fans.

The actress stole the show as detective Kate Beckett. And alongside her co-star, Nathan Fillion, she turned the series into one of the best shows on TV.

Which is why it came as a complete shock when the star was released from her contract ahead of the show’s ninth season.

Unsurprisingly, Castle was cancelled shortly after.

Luckily for us, the 39-year-old is back on the small screen. Catching up with TV WEEK, Stana chats about her role in Amazon Prime’s latest drama, Absentia.

What is Absentia about?

We start the story six years after my character, Emily, has been kidnapped. She was an FBI agent who was on the hunt for one of Boston’s biggest serial killers. Emily is believed to be dead and is declared so.

At the beginning of the story, we’re in court with the person who is believed to have killed her.

But we find out that she’s actually alive. She has been in what is the equivalent of a torture situation for these past six years.

Why did you think this was the right role to bring you back to television?

When I spoke to my agents about what we should be on the lookout for, I told them I didn’t want to play a mum, and I didn’t want to play someone’s girlfriend.

Traditionally, from what I’ve seen, those characters are tools in the story. They’re not actually driving the story.

Then, when I read for Emily, I was really surprised to find a character who happened to be, in so many ways, all of those things.

She held all of those titles, but was very much driving this story forward.

How is it different to Castle?

Castle was beautiful because it was a romantic-comedy procedural. It was charming. This story is challenging.

Filming Absentia was also challenging because we cross boarded the entire series. That means, we shot any episode at any point in time throughout the series. So I had days where I was shooting episode one in the morning, then episode five in the afternoon and episode three in the evening.

Have you made peace with how Castle handled your exit?

I was confused by the entire experience, and I was hurt. But that was two years ago. Since then, I genuinely look back on that experience and am thankful to have been part of that project.

It’d be a disservice to the work I did to be anything but grateful for an awesome run.


Mar 12, 18

Stana Katic Series ‘Absentia’ Taps New Showrunner, Eyes Season 2 Renewal

Absentia, toplined by former Castle star Stana Katic in her return to television, has tapped a new showrunner, Samantha Corbin-Miller (ABC’s Conviction) as the Sony Pictures Television Networks’ crime thriller drama is plotting a second season, sources said.

No one is commenting but I hear that Absentia is in the process of being renewed by Amazon Prime Video, which is the series’ exclusive U.S. home and also carries it in several international markets, including the U.K., Australia, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, and Turkey. According to sources, Absentia may be getting a multi-season renewal for seasons 2 and 3.

Absentia, created by Gaia Violo and Matt Cirulnick based on a pilot script by Violo. centers on FBI agent Emily Byrne (Katic). While hunting one of Boston’s most notorious serial killers, Agent Byrne disappears without a trace and is declared dead. Six years later, Emily is found in a cabin in the woods, barely alive, and with no memory of the years she was missing. Returning home to learn her husband has remarried and her son is being raised by another woman, she soon finds herself implicated in a new series of murders.

As part of becoming the new showrunner, Corbin-Miller is expected to take over running the writers room from Cirulnick who did it in Season 1.

The series’ first season was directed by Oded Ruskin who executive produced alongside Katic, Cirulnick, Julie Glucksman, and Maria Feldman.

Absentia started with a 10-episode straight-to-series order by Sony Pictures Television Networks’ AXN for premiere on AXN’s worldwide channels and a plan to seek distribution in the U.S. and outside of AXN’s footprint once the show was completed. It landed at Amazon after launching on Sony’s AXN channels last fall, ranking as the number one program in its time slot when it debuted in Spain, Portugal, Romania and Poland.

Absentia, which also is believed to have done well on Amazon since its February debut, co-stars Patrick Heusinger as Emily’s husband and fellow FBI agent Nick as well as Cara Theobold, Neil Jackson, Angel Bonanni, Richard Brake, Ralph Ineson, Paul Freeman, Bruno Bichir and Patrick McAuley.

Corbin-Miller most recently served as co-executive producer on the ABC legal drama Convictions. Her extensive TV series credits also include stints on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Crossing Jordan, Cold Case and ER. 


Feb 24, 18

Stana Katic Talks ‘Absentia’ on BBC’s ‘Up All Night’

Feb 04, 18

Ex-‘Castle’ star on new series: ‘Really nice to have a voice’

After her abrupt, controversial exit from ABC’s “Castle,” Stana Katic wanted more creative control over her next TV project, “Absentia.”

“They were open to the idea of me participating as an executive producer,” she says about her new Amazon series. “It was really nice to have a voice. In today’s landscape in Hollywood, I think it behooves a woman — when we have the opportunity to have a seat at the table — to take it.”

Like “Castle,” “Absentia” concerns crime, though that’s where their similarities end. While “Castle” — in which Katic co-starred with Nathan Fillion — was a dramedy procedural, “Absentia” is a thriller. Katic plays FBI agent Emily Byrne, who reappears six years after she’s declared dead. To make matters worse, she has no memory of the missing time. Upon her return, she finds that her husband has remarried and she’s implicated in a new series of murders.

After “Castle’s” eighth season, ABC announced that Katic would not be part of a potential ninth season with Fillion, reportedly due to “budgetary reasons.” It was an unpleasant surprise for Katic.

(And “Castle” never did return for a ninth season.)

But Katic says that filmmaking is also one of her longtime interests — another reason she was drawn to “Absentia.” “Regardless of any experiences in the past, for me it really is important to be engrossed in as much as the creative process as I possibly can,” she says. “I was surprised with how much the eight years I spent on ‘Castle’ actually serviced that. I ended up, in a way, having a free education on that show.

“I would always ask a lot of questions of the producers and the directors. It was a subtle absorption of information that I was able to then turn around and, I believe, created added value for this new project.”

One unexpected aspect of her “Absentia” role, however, is the fact that Emily is a mother. Although Katic had many offers after “Castle,” she had specific limits in mind.

“I [told my agent], ‘This sounds terrible but I don’t want to play a mom and I don’t want to play a girlfriend or the wife-of.’ In many stories, those characters are just worrying and that’s it,” she says. “That’s their role in the entire movie or series — they just worry and they’re not a part of the actual arc or engine that moves the story along.”

But when “Absentia” came to her attention, she perked up.

“This is one of the few roles that I saw where, yes, this woman has a kid and that plays into the story, but she has an amazing relationship with this child. She’s so much more. She’s a badass, she’s a survivor of something extreme. Being able to play with all of those dimensions was really exciting.”

Her main sources of inspiration to play Emily might be surprising: Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy.

“I love Cillian Murphy’s character in ‘Peaky Blinders’ and Tom Hardy’s in ‘Taboo’ — theses are characters that as audience members, we follow along with and root for,” she says. “But our own morality is tested throughout that journey, because these characters ride a thin line between morality and amorality.

“I think that’s really interesting.”


Feb 01, 18

TV Guide: Stana Katic’s Reappearing Act

Stana Katic has a great laugh—a big guffaw, which starts with a half-hollered “a-HA” that oddly makes it more charming, especially early in the morning at Los Angeles International Airport, where being grumpy is usually forgiven. It’s been 20 months since ABC unceremoniously canceled Castle, on which Katic spent eight seasons as Nathan Fillion’s love interest/partner, NYPD detective Kate Beckett. Now the 39-year-old actress is happily headed to Toronto to promote her new Amazon series, Absentia, and bringing up its dark subject matter feels like spoiling the mood.

Katic plays Emily Byrne, a troubled FBI agent who is found in an abandoned cabin six years after she was supposedly executed by a serial killer. She’s had the crap, and the memory, kicked out of her. Where has she been? Who was she with? And how dare her husband (Patrick Heusinger) remarry in the meantime? Emily’s son calls another woman mom. Her dad is ill. Her brother drinks. On the barely bright side, her black Lab knows who she is. Then Emily’s troubles double when she’s accused of murdering the guy who was accused of murdering her.

Absentia is thrilling. It’s bleak. It’s kind of nuts—one scene required that Katic be “trapped” inside a glass water tank, Houdini-style. Yet, over the airport din, the actress chats with such excited smarts (besides being a beautiful former Bond girl, she speaks four languages) about the series, her career and her future that it totally makes sense to smile.

Do you consider this show your big comeback?
Sure? [Laughs] I guess I don’t feel like I was gone that long, you know?

So what made you go, “OK, this is my next role?”
Emily is a survivor. Before taking the role, I’d been reading about people who managed to get through things as horrific as World War II and the Holocaust. The female stories especially intrigue me. I can’t stop thinking to myself, “How did you do that?” Emily is also an antiheroine. People will love and root for her but also hate her.

She’s hateful?
She does some things and makes some choices that viewers aren’t going to like. She, herself, is a mystery in some parts of the season.

How’d you survive the, to put it nicely, physical demands?
Action seems to be part of nearly every role I’ve had in some way. However, this was three-and-a-half months of pretty consistent running, so it was definitely a little more high-velocity. It’s also the first time I’ve had to eat out of a dog bowl. [Laughs] But, I thought, why half-ass it?

Have your parents or siblings seen those bits?
No, they haven’t watched any of it yet. I don’t know what it’s going to be like, but I think it’s going to be tough for them. But they are really proud of me at this stage in my career. They keep asking, “When’s Absentia airing?” and emailing their friends and Facebooking everyone.

Were they supportive when you decided to pursue acting?
They had their concerns, of course. Luckily I made it work!

What was your fallback plan when you started acting?
I didn’t have one! I didn’t want to be anything else, but I did study international relations and pre-law, so I was prepped to go into the world of diplomacy or maybe corporate law.

Those both sound pretty solid. What do you consider the most important moment in your life?
For me, it’s more like important things. In my personal life, it’s important to be able to come home to a loving partner and a beautiful dog. In my career, I just have to constantly remind myself, “OK, wow, this is cool. Be grateful. It’s an amazing thing to be able to play in the world of imagination and move people.” And I know that sounds cliché, but there’s truth in it.

With what attitude are you approaching your 40th birthday later this year?
I haven’t really given it much thought. How do I feel? It’s not something reflected as a big deal in anyone that I admire. I saw Charlize Theron do her thing at 40 and I thought, “Wow, you are exquisite.” It didn’t appear to be a shifting experience for her. Turning 40 feels like something that’s supposed to be a milestone, but I’m barely aware of it. Then again, you’re the first one to ask me.


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Jan 29, 18

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Jan 28, 18

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Jan 22, 18

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Jan 18, 18

Stana Katic Talks Time’s Up, ‘Castle’ And New Series ‘Absentia’


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