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Nov 13, 14

Stana Katic Says Television Evolving into a New Beast

Actress Stana Katic, best known for her role in crimeTV series ‘Castle’, says American small screen content is becoming huge with each passing day as it is able to draw in viewers from all over the world thanks to the superior writing, acting and plot.

The 36-year-old actress has starred in several films including a James Bond movie ‘Quantum of Solace’, besides TV show’s and she says though she enjoys both medium, she is excited about the new phase in American television.

“They’re very different experiences. Film is exciting because it has a clear beginning, middle and end, which demands an incredible amount of risk and faith in the story and in your fellow storytellers. I don’t mind that, though.

Standing on the precipice when creating is exhilarating,” Katic said in an email interview. “Television, however, is evolving into a new beast. The stories are more ambitious. In this new format, people are telling film-quality tales over longer periods of time. It’s exciting… I’m incredibly impressed with the developments on this front,” she said.

Actor Nathan Fillion plays author Richard Castle and Katic essays the role of NYPD Detective Kate Beckett in ‘Castle’, which is currently in its seventh season and airs on Star World Premiere in India every Wednesday 10 PM.

The Canadian-born actress’ chemistry with her co-star Fillion is considered to be one of the best on-screen pairs on television. When asked what sort of work and personal relationship she shares with Fillion, Katic said, “We are great colleagues.

A story like ours doesn’t succeed without a good bounce between the characters and I am fortunate to have a whole team of wonderful actors to work with every day.” Katic said that her next big screen project ‘The Tourist’ is in editing stage now and she is currently working on another film, which she is producing.

“I’ve begun work on a feature called ‘Elephant Winter’ that I’m producing. I recently had a meeting with the writer on the first draft of that script. He’s a wonderful writer and has taken a beautiful approach to the script, which is making the development experience very rewarding,” she said.


Mar 04, 14

Sine Timore Acquires Second Project

Sine Timore is proud to announce the acquisition of its second property: Elephant Winter, a novel by Kim Echlin. The narrative intertwines the complex and often anguished sanctity of the mother/daughter bond with the spiritual affinity humans feel for animals. The project is currently in development.

Elephant Winter is available on


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