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Jul 22, 15

Stana Katic: Her Journey to The Rendezvous & Sister Cities

Most people who get time off from work use it relax. Since she’s been starring as detective Kate Beckett on the ABC hit show Castle, actress Stana Katic has a tendency to use her hiatus time between seasons to go do another acting job.  For the Castle 2015 hiatus, she used it to do two: The Rendezvous and Sister Cities. Read on to see how these projects fit into the still rising trajectory of this talented & beautiful star.

(…)Artistic processes are all about making choices all the time, and the very act of making a choice is the distilling down and the getting to the core of what it is that you care about and what you want to say, really.

The above quote is from five time Oscar-nominated writer and director Mike Leigh.  This idea of actors making choices in what roles they do may sound unlikely to some.  Don’t actors – especially early on – just take what they can get?  Well, yes and no. In terms of what auditions come their way an actor has no control over it.  However, even early in the game an actor makes decisions on what they will audition for.  (For more on actors choosing – advice for actors ).

What strikes me about the Katic resume is that there aren’t any roles where she’s just there as eye-candy – and there’s no doubt she’s beautiful enough to play any number of roles that require nothing but the ability to be hot on film.  This speaks to the choices Katic didn’t make when going to audition and makes what she did do a snapshot of what’s been important to her early on as an actress.

In examining her body of acting work and her public persona, one can see Katic doing exactly as Leigh describes. Her work shows a steadily building arc that gives a picture of her not only as an actress, but of her larger artistic sensibility and spirit. These two new projects fit right into this arc, and appear to be creating a point that will allow more of who she is as an actress to shine.

Let’s look at the roles she’s doing in the first of these new projects.

Nov 18, 13

Video: How We Made Love – The Making of For Lovers Only

How We Made Love has been put on Vimeo by Mark Polish for everyone to watch. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely take the time to watch now! It’s a great documentary on making the movie.

Jul 16, 13

‘How We Made Love’ Screencaptures

How We Made Love – The Making of For Lovers Only was released last night. If you haven’t bought it yet, I would highly suggest doing so! The video is 22 minutes long and features behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast and crew, and gives a great look into the process behind creating this movie. You can purchase the video here. I’ve added screencaps from the video to the gallery, which you can find below.

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Jul 09, 13

Pre-Order How We Made Love – The Making of For Lovers Only

Perhaps the ultimate ‘Affaire de Coeur,’ How We Made Love allows viewers to intimately dive into the making of The Polish Brother’s 2011 French New Wave classic, For Lovers Only.

Packed with never before seen footage and previously unheard cast and crew interviews, How We Made Love, is essential viewing for filmmakers and fans alike.


‘I wanted not only to make a documentary to preserve and honor what we all did, but also hoped to execute it in such a way to be able to inspire others to do the same.’

—Mark Polish

Pre-Order Here

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