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Oct 02, 17

Interview With ELLE Spain

We met her as the fearless detective Kate Beckett in ‘Castle’ and, since Monday, as Emily Byrne, the protagonist of ‘Absentia’, a new AXN series in which she also serves as a producer. She does not abandon the characters of action, because now she gives life to an FBI agent that disappears trying to hunt a serial killer and is declared dead.

The story begins when, after six years, she is found in captivity has no memory of what happened. Added to all this is the fact that her husband has remarried and now feels guilty for not having looked hard enough for her. All these are enough ingredients to get our attention and to ask some questions to Stana Katic.


Your character is assumed dead and when she reappears, her husband has married another woman and her son doesn’t remember her. How would you deal with this situation in real life?

Ha! No idea. Fortunately, my partner and I have to face much simpler decisions … like what we are going to eat for breakfast.


Besides being an actor in this series, you are also a producer. Do you feel like directing in the future?

Of course! I would love to direct a story that I was passionate about.


In one of your most popular roles in the series ‘Castle’ you gave life to a detective. Now you get into the shoes of an FBI agent. What differences and similarities do these two characters have?

‘Absentia’ is a thriller. “Castle” was a police procedural that mixed romance, comedy and drama.


Given your predilection for these types of roles, is being a police officer your missed profession?

I deeply respect people who choose a profession of serving their communities and the entire planet; and although it’s fun to play action heroes, it has nothing to do with the amount of character, strength, and altruism that true heroes have.


Would you like to play some historical character?

Of course. Quick! Where’s my corset?


How is it to give life to two women who work in a world dominated by men?

Normal. It reflects our world today. Gender, race and religion barriers to job opportunities are becoming more and more archaic. That is, at least I hope so, we are moving towards a world that hires people by their skills and talent and not by the color of their skin or the bathroom they go to.


On the red carpet, do you feel more comfortable with a romantic and feminine look or a more masculine style?

I am at a disadvantage by answering this question because I grew up in a home where my father encouraged us to chat at dinners about math, science, history, politics, and topics like that. My father gave the same value to my opinion as to my brothers. So my perspective on career, styling and leisure is not so conditioned … I simply choose what is comfortable and inspires me in the moment.


View the photos that accompanied the article in HQ at the link below!

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Apr 24, 15

Scans: Stana in People Magazine & US Weekly

Stana is in People Magzine and Us Weekly, in their May 4th editions. You can find HQ digital scans in the gallery below!

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Apr 16, 15

Magazine Scans: People & TV Guide

I’ve added two scans to the gallery, of Stana in People Magazine talking about Alternative Travel Project, and a TV Guide article about the next two Castle episodes. Follow the links for full size!

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Dec 06, 14

Scans: Castle in TV Week

Castle has been getting a lot of press in Australia’s TV Guide! There have been some great articles lately, and I’ve added scans to the gallery. See them all at the links below.

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Oct 26, 14

Stana’s Interview with TV Week

Home > Magazine Scans > TV Week – October 2014


Sep 18, 14

Returning Favorites: Castle Article in TV Guide

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Sep 16, 14

Stana in September Issue of Vanity Fair Italia

Home > Magazine Scans > Vanity Fair Italia – September 2014

Sep 02, 14

Stana in Southwest Airlines Magazine

Home > Magazine Scans > Southwest Magazine – September 2014

Aug 07, 14

Stana in September Issue of Good Housekeeping

Stana is featured in the September issue of Good Housekeeping with a gorgeous new photoshoot! You can find HQ scans in the gallery.

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