Lost in Florence was released today. You can rent or buy the movie on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Stana has a great supporting role, so be sure to watch soon!

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Yahoo released a sneak peek of Stana’s ‘Bookaboo’ episode, which will release on Amazon Prime this Friday. It’s super adorable and makes me excited for the full episode.

Edit: You can now find Stana’s full Bookaboo episode on Amazon Prime US and Amazon Prime UK. Stana is in the second half of the episode and it is the most adorable thing. Screencaps from the full episode are in the gallery.

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Sister Cities premiered on Lifetime last night, and what an incredible movie!! Every person involved did a fantastic job. For those who weren’t able to see it, it’s on Lifetime on demand and producer Sean Hannish says they’ll have info about international/dvd release soon. In the meantime, check out HD screencaps in the gallery.

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Here are both parts of the French documentary with English subtitles!! Thanks so much to Camille for translating the entire video for us! This is a must-see for Castle fans, so make sure and watch! You can also find HD screencaps in the gallery.

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This was an unreleased pilot that Stana filmed in 2007. Thanks to musingfan on tumblr for the episode!

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