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May 20, 17

Stana’s Absentia Q&A on Twitter

Stana came back to Twitter last week after some time away and did 10 Questions about Absentia. You can see the Q&A below!

@fallforstana: scale from 1-10 how excited are you for us to see Absentia??
@Stana_Katic: 1. 11,000        #ABSENTIA

@katicsjauregui: How was filming in Bulgaria?
@Stana_Katic: 2. Truly amazing. Fantastic people & food. Beautiful nature. #ABSENTIA 

@BiaBertechini: What do you think about coming to Brazil to promote #Absentia?
We would love to see you here
xoxo, bia.
@Stana_Katic: 3. Thinking about it.  #ABSENTIA #StanasTen


@princessmarfie: what is the most embarrassing / memorable experience during a shooting? #StanasTen
@Stana_Katic: 4. There are many, but 1 was when @TheNeilJackson took @heusinger & I along with friends to an AMAZING Bulgarian escape room #ABSENTIA 

@beckettsmoak: can you describe #Absentia in one word??
@Stana_Katic: 5. Family #ABSENTIA #StanasTen 

@flowering_rebel: How many episodes of #absentia will there be?
@Stana_Katic: 6. Ten #ABSENTIA #StanasTen 

@rawrkatic: how was it to work with this cute baby?

@Stana_Katic: 7. Super easy. He was a pro. Knew all his lines & he was in character the whole time.  #ABSENTIA #StanasTen

(deleted tweet) Describe Emily in 3 emojis.
@Stana_Katic: 8.

@woride: What am i missing here ???? Question 9 & 10. Did you fall asleep on us ?

@Stana_Katic: no… it’s just hard giving no. 10 without revealing a MAJOR spoiler. #YourQuestionsAreTooGood !! #ABSENTIA #StanasTen

@cutiekbex: what do you thing about the Absentia cast?
@Stana_Katic: Proud of them. Everyone brought their A-game. It was a real pleasure working alongside this talented group. @AbsentiaSeries #ABSENTIA 

@Maha_K4: Can you tell us when #Absentia will premiere ??
@Stana_Katic: 10. Different start dates in different countries. This week we do Panels & industry Screenings in LA. #ABSENTIA @AbsentiaSeries

Jun 22, 16

Stana’s 10 Questions on Twitter

Stana did another round of 10 Questions on Twitter yesterday, which you can find below. I’m working on gathering all of the 10 Questions Stana has done so far to have in one page here on the site. I’ve gotten 4 of them together and will work on the other Q&A sessions in the next few days!

“@imnikkiheat: have you ever been in Naples?”
@Stana_Katic: 1. Yes. For pizza! #AskStana

“@GARB_2: where would you want to travel that you haven’t went yet?”
@Stana_Katic: 2. Spain. #AskStana

“@caskett_heat: an infinite bookstore or a ticket for worldwide trip?”
@Stana_Katic: 3. impossible 2 choose.

“@taylord02: what do you love most about your fans? #AskStana”
@Stana_Katic: 4. Their Patience….

“@mschlichthorn: what college were you a part of at u of t  I’m in Woodsworth”
@Stana_Katic: 5. Trinity.

“@fallforstana: do you like Angelina Jolie???”
@Stana_Katic: 6. Yup. She’s badass.

“@stana_delrey: are you watching any tv show right now?”
@Stana_Katic: 7. Billions,Ray Donovan,The Americans,etc.Basically, I’m a TV zombie.Gluttonous consumption of all missed boob tube.

“@juliedecout: this is the “fête de la musique” today in France.Can you share some of the songs you’ve listened recently?”

“@katicsbiitch: any unsolicited advice?? #AskStana”
@Stana_Katic: 9. Naaah. Not my bailiwick.

“@lauraclaire66: it’s National selfie day! How about treating your fans to a spontaneous selfie?”
@Stana_Katic: 10. Night everyone.????

Feb 28, 13

Photos From Castle’s 100th Episode Celebration

Congratulations to Stana and the rest of the cast and crew of Castle for reaching such a great milestone! Check out twitter photos from the 100th Episode celebration that took place on set today!

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