Oct 22, 14

Eco Warrior Stana Katic vs. Planet Polluter Lady Gaga

By Rebecca Sellitti

Eco Saint: Stana Katic
Saturday night marked the Environmental Media Association’s (EMA) twenty-fourth annual awards ceremony; an event where folks in the entertainment industry are honored for their efforts to promote sustainability in the land of excess known as Hollywood. Some of the top names in show business attended what many refer to as ‘The Eco-Emmys’, but out of all the celebrities who glammed it up on the EMA green carpet, none stood out quite so much as actress Stana Katic.

The stunning Castle star used the EMA Awards as a platform to speak about The Alternative Travel Project (ATP), a global initiative she herself designed in order to educate people about the environmental benefits of car-free travel. Ms. Katic’s commitment to Doing It In Public has earned this brunette bombshell the title of Global Cool’s newest Eco Saint!

And Stana’s making it easy for us too – she’s not asking that we surrender our vehicles altogether but that we consider reducing the amount of time we spend in our cozy, 4-wheeled homes away from home. Keeping your car locked up in the garage for one measly day a week would go such a long way in reducing your carbon footprint, and it’s not as if turning off the ignition for an entire 24 hours will bring your entire life to a screeching halt. There ARE alternative means of travel, hence the name of the project. You could grab the bus, show off your sculpted calves whilst cycling, or maybe even give that crazy ‘walking’ thing a shot!

While on the EMA green carpet, Ms. Katic spoke to Variety on this very subject:

“If we’re part of imagery that is a little bit more proactive about creating sustainable futures, then I think we’ve done a really great job. There are some really interesting stories that you could create just by bumping into someone on the street or on the subway, so I really hope we can encourage some of those stories to happen.”

You know, with Stana promoting ATP, and her equally gorgeous costar Nathan Fillion tooling around town in his eco-friendly electric car, I’m beginning to think the Castle crew is vying for that coveted title of Most Carbon Conscious Cast!

Eco Sinner: Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is a remarkably talented young woman, and the way she fiercely protects all of her Little Monsters from hate and discrimination speaks to a fine character underneath all that get-up. But, while it’s obvious that Gaga is a loyal friend to her fans, it’s also quite clear that Mother Monster is at best only a fair-weather friend of Mother Earth! The pop art icon’s over-the-top lifestyle has been getting my goat for years. From animal scalpings (aka, fur), to private jets, there’s really no luxury the I Won’t Dance singer seems to deny herself. Ms. Germanotta’s latest self-indulgence, a 10,000-square-foot Mailbu estate, leads me to bestow the title of Eco Sinner on this four-time Global Cool planet-offender!

I am well aware that the reigning queen of pop is by no means the only celeb who embraces a life of unapologetic ostentation. But I feel as if the sheer magnitude of Gaga’s environmental deafness makes her stand out, even from her equally flamboyant pop star peers. Take, for instance, her new beachfront home. Stefani’s new $22M digs seem like an odd investment for someone with her busy touring schedule, and whose little free time is mostly spent relaxing in a 2000-square foot Manhattan penthouse that leaves only one-fifth the footprint of her West Coast abode. I just really don’t understand why she had to go and buy a mega-mansion that is gonna wind up serving no purpose whatsoever other than to consume huge amounts of electricity in her absence.

C’mon, Gaga. All the cool celebs are simplifying their lives. Downsizing is TOTALLY the new upgrading, so get with the program, Lady G. You’ll be glad you did!