Jun 24, 14

Interview With Shoprano Blog

A few days ago at AstirPalace, I was really lucky to meet the gorgeous and talented Stana Katic, star in “Castle” that I always watch on FOX Life (Can’t wait for the Season 6 finale!)

FOX International Channels Greece brought for the first time in Athens the talented actress!

I arrived at Arion Hotel wearing Evi Grintela “The Shirt Dress” shorts and lace top, Ancient Greek Sandals, Chanel necklace, Sunboo sunnies, Hermes bag and Collier de Chien bracelet! It was a hot sunny day with amazing sea view from the Hotel!

Very friendly and even more gorgeous than on tv, she was kind and in a great mood! We had a small discussion about fashion and “Castle”!

  • Few of your favorite designers?

I have big big big list! For basic, urban, street style I love Helmut Lang, whose clothes are easy to wear, accessible and you can wear them all day but they always look structured and formed! In general, for my everyday life, I like easy, elegant and effortless looking clothes, like Rag & Bone!

Alberta Ferretti’s dresses are amazing, dreamy, romantic, exotic and different! I also love the amazing gowns by Alexander McQueen whose talent was insane! Saint Laurent is also one of my favorites – always evolving and interesting because the clothes are always changing and look fresh and effortless!

Generally, I love to mix and match designers and different styles, wearing hi and low price clothes and accessories together!

  • Do you have a “say” on what clothes you wear on “Castle” or is this already established?

I have a very good collaboration with a great stylist on the show! The looks are inspired by the amazing Slim Keith from the 40s! She is the reason that the director, producer and screenwriter Howard Hawks created Lauren Bacall and Kate Hepburn! Sleek and unafraid to wear those slack pants that were new at that time period, Slim Keith was ahead of her time in fashion, being a trend setter! She was a “go to” inspiration for the stories and the look on“Castle”! They wanted to present her as powerful, mouthy and able to play with the boys as Castle was! To be a true equal! Tough unafraid but still chic, feminine and elegant!

  • How similar is Stana to the character in “Castle”?

She is more black and white than I am! She is controlled in comparison to me…I am more rock n roll, more girly and goofy than she is! I admire her! She is in charge of a detective force and she does it in heels…pretty impressive!

  • How much have you grown through the 6 seasons of “Castle”?

Over the years you learn more stamina! Acting tools get better and more efficient! I have learned a lot and I have also grown as an actress playing in “Castle” for 6 years and at the same time playing other characters in films! It is wonderful and inspiring!

Also my character in “Castle” has grown! They have opened her up more! She is a woman in authority but she also wears all kind of “hats” – we can see other sides of her: the romantic playful, strong, and also vulnerable side! The character has grown; she is more thoughtful about the steps she makes now!  

  • Why do you think “Castle” has such a big success?

I believe it’s a mix of things! It has the detective interesting stories but there is also a romantic and a funny side to it! In addition, each episode is self contained, so when you watch an episode you can always follow it even if you miss one!

…Wish I had more time with her but I was really lucky to have met her! She is truly wonderful and hopefully we may see her again in Athens soon!