Oct 03, 14

Kika Press Q&A With Stana

(KIKA) – FLORENCE – Before meeting Stana Katic in Florence, we asked you to suggest some questions. Well, someone got their answers.

Who do you hope will win the world cup? (@lizrosseau) 

The best one!

Do you ever get to watch Castle in tv?  (@EnricaValdes)
I don’t own a tv so I usually I watch episodes on the computer, especially when I need to see old episodes to prepare for a new scene or if there is a scene or an episode that I really want to see finished and what was the outcome.

What’s a secret skill that you have? (@bine283)
If I tell you it wouldn’t be secret anymore!

Are you going to take part as an actress in one of your Sine Timore projects?
If when we’ll do the casting I will be needed I will, but I hope to find the right actress so I can concentrate on other aspects of the projects.

You’ve travelled a lot. Where else would you like to go that you haven’t been yet? (@nymeriask)
There are so many places.. I’ve been considering to go to Ethiopia, Japan and Uganda, to start with.

What do you think Kate Beckett from season 1 would say about Kate Beckett from season 6 getting married to Castle?


Montain or beach? What’s the better place to go on vacation? (@natalia_XD)
Depends on the moment.

What’s your favorite song? (@Christina_Bosch)
Too many.

Three things you always have on you? (@volpecarolina07)
My passaport, the toothbrush and my credit card.

How does Kate Beckett manages running around with those heels all the time?
Very very carefully.

Other things you might not know about Stana Katic:
– She loves the movie “Ieri oggi e domani” with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni
– Favorite gelato: hazelnut and pistacchio!
– She likes to listen to the music during photoshoots “to keep the mood going”
– One of her favorite movies is “Up in the air”, with George Clooney and Vera Farmiga.
– She does a very good imitation of the florentine accent…especially after we taught her a certain phrase to help her ‘train’: “Vado a Hasa per la mia cena di Hoha-Hola e Hoohies!”Does it sound familiar?