Jan 28, 15

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Top 10 Female Entertainment Stars From Canada

The next leading lady on our list of top ten female entertainment stars from Canada is none other the Detective Kate Beckett aka Stana Katic. We are referring her TV screen name because so many, oh so many, people adore her for her role on the show Castle. We have literally known people to breathe alongside the show and man does the woman look divine. There should be a law against a woman being so captivating, so beautiful, so tall and so talented at the same time! And even off screen, if you look at her, talk to her, she will numb your senses!


The Best Desserts In L.A., According To 10 Rad Actors

The Celeb: Stana Katic
The actress has starred on Castle alongside Nathan Fillion since the very beginning — an impressive six years and counting. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out, guys.

The Dessert: Oreos At Little Next Door
Don’t be fooled by the name: These aren’t your standard Nabisco Oreos. Little Next Door serves up handmade Oreo-inspired cookies that won over Katic — and, looking at these things of beauty, it’s easy to see why.

Little Next Door, 8142 West 3rd Street (near South La Jolla Avenue); 323-951-1010.


15 Loveliest Ladies of Law Enforcement

Detective Kate Beckett is bad ass. She’s taken down everyone from low-life murderers to a corrupt US Senator and managed to do it in style with her amazing and highly sought after collection of outerwear but we think her wild west outfit might be her ruggedly handsome husband’s favorite. We know it’s one of ours.


12+ Professions That Need To Stop Being Boys’ Clubs

The police forces could really use more women (not just because male officers tend to be more threatening to women than reassuring), and though we see the number of women officers increasing, it’s still nowhere near what it should be. The character of Kate Beckett from Castle is a great example of a woman who kicks ass in law enforcement.