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Latest Videos

Absentia: Stana’s Favorite Scene to Film

Stana talks to AXN about her favorite scene to film in Absentia.

Absentia: Interview for AXN Hungary

Stana talks to AXN Hungary about the filming of Absentia.

Absentia: Colors Infinity Promo

Stana Katic invites viewers in India to watch Absentia.

Absentia: Stana Katic Promo for AXN

Stana Katic invites AXN viewers to not miss a single second of her new show Absentia.

Making of ‘Absentia’

AXN Spain goes behind the scenes on the set of Absentia.

Secrets of the Red Carpet

Stana Katic joins Luke Reichle to discuss red carpet fashion. (June 2012)

Secrets of the Red Carpet: Round Table

Stana Katic and Dulce Candy join Luke Reichle to talk up close and personal on taking risks in fashion and beauty. (June 2012)

CBGB: Interview

Stana talks to ET Canada about CBGB and her rockstar name.

The Rendezvous: Bloopers

Bloopers and outtakes from The Rendezvous, shared by director Amin Matalqa.

Random Videos

Interview: Beverly Hills Playhouse

Stana talks about studying with Milton Katselas and the Beverly Hills Playhouse. (October 2008)

Showcase Q&A With Stana Katic

Absentia star (and Canadian) Stana Katic answers a fun list of questions, including “what’s the best smell” and “what do you do in your spare time?”

ET Canada: Behind the ‘Grams

Stana Katic takes ET Canada behind some of her instagram photos.

Stana Visits ‘The Social’

Stana Katic visited The Social on January 17th to talk about Absentia.

Lost In Florence: Unofficial Trailer

A heartbroken American visiting his cousin in Florence gets involved in a dangerous local sport — and with an alluring local woman.

Absentia: Stana Katic Promo for AXN

Stana Katic invites AXN viewers to not miss a single second of her new show Absentia.

Facebook Live Q&A

Stana Katic answers fans questions about Absentia in a Facebook Live Q&A with Amazon Prime.

The Librarian III: Trailer

A librarian (Noah Wyle) and a beautiful singer (Stana Katic) must prevent vampires from taking over the world.

Sister Cities: Lifetime Promo

Four estranged sisters reunite after their mother’s alleged suicide.