Castle & Stana both made TV Guide’s Best of 2012. Stana came in at #2 for user’s favorite actress and Castle came in at #5 for favorite show.

2. Stana Katic, Castle

Katic’s emotional portrayal of a vengeance- and justice-seeking Kate Beckett has long been one of Castle‘s dramatic anchors. But now that Castle and Beckett are a couple, Katic is also having lots of flirty fun. Clearly, it’s a balance our users find irresistible.

5. Castle

It seems our users are satisfied with the show’s decision to put Castle and Beckett into a relationship after four seasons of will-they-or-won’t-they tension. Indeed, Season 5 has had a fun new energy as the pair tries to keep the relationship secret.


Warning: Spoilers!

PREVIOUSLY ON… | Rick and Kate endured multiple gauntlets – including their first Christmas as a couple, having their parents meet and trying to keep their romance on the down low at work.

COMING UP NEXT | Series creator Andrew Marlowe hedged when we asked about the next crucible on tap for crimesolvers-in-love Rick and Kate. “I don’t know…. Don’t we want to leave these two alone, so they can settle into their relationship? So they can get a groove?” he posed. “No. No. You want drama.” Along those lines, on Jan. 7 you get the well-promoted return of Castle’s ex-wife Meredith (who will crash at Rick’s the same time Kate is doing so!) and a tricky first Valentine’s Day featuring a “subtle competition” in gift-buying. The latter episode also features guest star Gina Torres, raising the question: Any in-jokes to be had for Firefly fans? “We’ll probably find something,” Marlowe allows, “but I’m sure Nathan and Gina will find something as well.” Elsewhere, an episode about an at-risk youth will reveal “a lot more of who Esposito is, what life was like for him growing up,” and the return of big, bad Senator Bracken (Jack Coleman) will be met by “twists and turns” that add a new wrinkle to the Johanna Beckett mystery.

RETURN DATE | Monday, January 7 at 10/9c (ABC)


“Under the Influence” – When an up and coming DJ is killed at a pop star’s album release party, Beckett and Castle must dive into the raucous world of New York’s music industry. Then, when the investigation leads to a troubled teenager, Esposito takes the kid under his wing, hoping to put him on the right track before it’s too late, on “Castle,” MONDAY, JANUARY 14 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. Taylor Cole (“The Glades”) guest stars as Regina Cane, an aging pop star who has a shadow cast on her album launch party when the DJ is murdered, and Michael Irby (“Law Abiding Citizen”) guests as Shane Winters, a criminal who may have a history with the DJ.

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#12 Kate Beckett from Castle

Kate isn’t just the only female member of all-male team of law enforcement officers. She’s actually the leader of her team and a great cop, just like her mother before her. Even getting involved with her very handsome partner hasn’t stopped Kate from continuing to be one heck of a badass criminal chaser.


When Castle returns after the holiday break, the episode will focus on marriage and relationships.  Aptly titled “Significant Others”, the January 7th episode will feature the return of Castle’s ex-wife and will focus on a case involving the death of a prominent divorce attorney.

Here’s what’s in store: “When a powerful divorce attorney who only represented women is murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a plethora of angry ex-husbands, any one of whom could be the murderer. Meanwhile, Castle’s ex-wife (Darby Stanchfield, “Scandal”), Meredith, moves into the loft to take care of Alexis while she recovers from Mono, and to make matters worse, Beckett is also forced to move in while her apartment is being fumigated, causing tension, humor and more than a little awkwardness.  Jack Wagner (“Melrose Place”) guest stars as a pro golfer whose career went down in flames after a nasty divorce, and Nancy Lee Grahn (“General Hospital”) guests as a wealthy divorcee caught in a “War of the Roses”-like struggle with her ex-husband.”


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Warning: Spoilers!

I hear Beckett’s therapist will be back on Castle. What can you tell us about that? — Angela

ADAM: Michael Dorn will indeed reprise his role as Dr. Burke during February sweeps. But what brings Beckett back to his couch? Well, it’s not because of any problems with Castle. Instead, it will be another run-in with Sen. Bracken (guest star Jack Coleman) that sends Beckett back to therapy. “A murder seems to lead to his doorstep and Kate thinks this her opportunity to finally get the man who was responsible for her mother’s murder behind bars,” creator Andrew W. Marlowe, adding that Beckett may once again find herself out of control. “Nothing is as it seems,” he says. “The case leads us into really interesting moral territory for our character.”


Warning: Spoilers!

Question: Any Castle news? —Gabriella

Ausiello: “It’s every man’s worst nightmare,” show boss Andrew Marlowe explains, when Castle’s ex-wife Meredith (Scandal‘s Darby Stanchfield) not only resurfaces in the next new episode (airing Jan. 7), but crashes at his place to tend to a sick Alexis. Especially since Kate is also at the time bunking with Rick, who famously has/had a habit of indulging in “ex sex” — and old habits perhaps die hard for one of the former marrieds. ”Castle has kind of dug his own grave and spends the episode trying to dig himself out of it,” Marlowe previews. “It’s also interesting to see everybody else’s take on things.” For in addition to RySposito sounding off on the sticky sitch, “You have Lanie saying to Beckett, ‘Girl, you have got to claim your territory!’”


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Warning: Spoilers!

Castle | Remember (of course you do) how Rick let down Kate by obliging her wishes and not coughing up a Christmas gift? That “oops” will be revisited as the couple celebrates their first Valentine’s Day together. In that February sweeps episode – the same one guest-starring Firefly alum Gina Torres as the star of a Real Housewives-like reality mess – “Castle and Beckett are talking about what they got each other, and there’s a subtle competition between the two of them,” shares show boss Andrew Marlowe. And as Rick strikes to make good on his Yuletide faux pas, “That in and of itself brings its own complications…. Let’s just say that some wild hijinks ensue as he tries to deliver her present.” Hmm, bigger than a breadbox? Or (ahem) tiny enough to fall down a sewer grate?


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