Jan 07, 14

Channel Guide Magazine Talks Castle With Stana Katic

Stana Katic knows Castle fans have much on their minds as Season 6 returns with new episodes tonight on ABC. Is the 3XK killer really back? When will wedding bells ring for our favorite writer/cop duo? Will Castle and his now-grown daughter Alexis find their way back to good? What she doesn’t know — the answers to those questions.

“I would love to tease this or that, but most of the time, I’m in the dark right along with the viewers!” Katic laughs. Still, she says, she trusts the show’s writers to keep the fans and the Castlecast happily on their toes each week.

“I expect nothing less,” Katic says emphatically. “They’re storytellers, and the concept of complacency and mediocrity is not acceptable. Everyone’s just got to bring their A game. And they do it!”

We quizzed Katic about her thoughts on Season 6 thus far.

Channel Guide Magazine: Have the writers told you the entirety of Beckett’s reaction to hearing “I’ll Be Seeing You” on the USB Drive in Dr. Niemann’s pen? Because Andrew Marlowe has suggested that it may have more meaning for Beckett than just Tyson…

Stana Katic: No, but I love hearing it from you. Thank you! [laughs]

CGM: You’ve also had the rather miraculous situation — especially these days — of retaining nearly all of Castle’s core cast members since the show began. What’s it like having these long-term relationships off set in terms of portraying the ongoing relationships onscreen?

SK: It’s quite sweet actually. Everyone has challenges as the characters progress and it’s nice to have a history of storytelling together that we can all lean on so that if need be we can deepen the stories or throw in something interesting and fun in addition to what’s written. I think it only benefits and elevates each story to have the length of time working together that we all do.

CGM: Are you pleased with the pace and the fashion in which Beckett and Castle were brought together and how their becoming a couple and then a public couple really hasn’t changed the fundamentals of who these characters are, both on and off the job?

SK: You know, we have a model called The Thin Man, which is a really fun movie series — a series of films back in the day. It’s a really old reference but I think it’s really appropriate for this story in some ways. And we also have references like His Girl Friday.

All of these are really old references, but we are always stealing from the references that I am mentioning. And first of all, I think the story could not continue without the two of them getting together like they did. We just would not have been able to keep fans’ suspension of disbelief that much longer because the characters had been through so much together.

So I think it’s wonderful and I think it’s important that those characters stay who they are despite the fact that they are together. That’s what drew them together in the first place. So I think they’ve done a nice job of trying to keep that balance. And it’s tough! It’s not easy. There are a lot of characters to service. There are a lot of storylines to take time with. So that’s a really difficult juggling act to do day in and day out.

CGM: This season has also allowed the viewers to really delve into Ryan (Seamus Deaver) and Esposito’s (Jon Huertas) characters and their partnership and personal relationships — has that been fun for you to watch and be a part of, as well?

SK: Oh absolutely! I’ve been an advocate for a while! … All of those characters are wonderful and the actors that play them are truly fantastic. I recently saw Jon, for instance, put together a short film with Tamala [Jones, who plays Huertas’ onscreen love interest, medical examiner Lanie Parish) and they were beautiful. They were film stars. So it’s nice to be able to work with people that are that passionate and that committed to the art of storytelling. And each one of them deserves moments to shine.

CGM: One of my favorite things about the first half of Season 6 is also how complete Alexis’ transformation from a teenager to a woman has become — and watching Molly Quinn portray that. What’s it been like for you seeing her grow up and evolve in the role?

SK: I think that the character is a woman now and I think that the relationship between a father and a daughter is always something that’s sacred and will always affect the choices that a daughter makes for her future. And I like the way the writers have navigated that trajectory. I think it’s a sweet story.

CGM: Do you appreciate the subtlety with which Beckett’s and Alexis’ relationship has been handled, as Beckett and Castle grow closer?

SK: I’ve met a few people on set that have children and are divorced and would love to find a new relationship, and that’s tough — because the person coming into the relationship has to be respectful of a much deeper combination which is a parent and a child. So I think that they have — I hope that they have — done a good job of showing that the character Beckett recognizes the importance of the father-daughter relationship, and even the daughter and her mother, who is played by Darby Stanchfield, one of the regulars on Scandal. That’s territory that you can’t walk into. And why would you? She’s a wonderful woman, Molly’s character. Her relationship with her father is tremendous, and I think that Beckett only serves as a potential friend in the end. If Molly’s character would ever need anything, Kate can serve as a friend.

CGM: Since you’ve all worked together for six seasons, are the show’s writers open to the actors’ input on their characters and their motivations?

SK: To Andrew Marlowe’s credit, he’s a wonderful showrunner. I really love working with him. And he always leaves his door open for dialog. And that is something that is unusual in his role. And it’s great, because each actor feels like they have some sort of a part and a voice in the creative process. Now that doesn’t mean that every suggestion that we make — like interrogating mimes — is taken. But at least there’s a dialog and there’s an opportunity for it, if need be.

CGM: I’ve read a number of things that are potentially looming — James Brolin is back as Jackson Hunt in what sounds like a larger storyline, and Senator Bracken with that “life favor” remark is still dangling out there …

SK: I don’t know what is happening with Senator Bracken — or if something is happening with Senator Bracken — but James Brolin is coming back. We just wrapped on his storyline and it was quite wonderful working with him.

CGM: Castle fans are so passionate about the show. What do you hear most often when you encounter them?

SK: There are a lot of people that have found a mentorship in the Beckett character — that’s truly something I hear a lot, and of course, I would because I’m playing the character. [laughs] I find that a lot of young women were emboldened to do something that they wanted to do because of the Beckett character. Which is I think is wonderful! It’s very inspiring to hear. It’s nice to play somebody that possibly other people to reach their goals and be bold and dream.

Castle Season 6 returns with new episodes tonight at 10/9CT following the Season premiere of The Bachelor on ABC.


Jan 07, 14

Stana Confirmed to Attend People’s Choice Awards

Did you think your excitement for this year’s People’s Choice Award had hit its peak? Not so fast. Stephen Colbert, Lucy Hale and Glee’s Chris Colfer are just a few of the brand new celebrities expected to make an appearance at this year’s award show. Are we finished? Not even close. Joining our star-studded list will be Arrow’s Stephen Amell,The Originals’ Joseph Morgan, Project Runway judge Heidi Klum and Castle’s Stana Katic (to name just a few!).

The People’s Choice Awards will also feature performances by Sara BareillesBrad Paisley and One Republic.

Take a look at the list of the newly announced celebrities scheduled to appear:

Malin Akerman
Stephen Amell
Wayne Brady
Stephen Colbert
Chris Colfer
Lucy Hale
Heidi Klum
Ross Mathews
Joseph Morgan
Meghan Ory
Ian Ziering
Matt LeBlanc
The coaches from The Voice
Stana Katic

Our newest assortment of stars will join the ever expanding list of previously announcedcelebs — including Justin Timberlake, Sandra Bullock, The Vampire Diaries‘ Ian Somerhalder and so many more — who are expected to attend the show. In other words, you may want to mark every calendar and set every alarm now.

The People’s Choice Awards Live Red Carpet Arrivals Show — which will be hosted by Fandango’s Dave Karger, SuChin Pak and Tim Gunn — will stream on PeoplesChoice.com on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 8/7 central. Tune in to see hosts Karger, Pak and Gunn give out the first awards of the night, interview fan favorites and talk fashion trends. Then turn to CBS at 9/8 central to watch the 40th annual People’s Choice Awards, which will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theater in L.A.


Jan 07, 14

Castle 6×11 “Under Fire” Screencaps

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Jan 05, 14

On My Radar: Stana Katic’s Cultural Highlights

Born in Canada, Stana Katic’s early career on television saw her appear in sci-fi drama Heroes and play information broker Collette Stenger in season five of 24. She landed the role of was in the 2007 filmFeast of Love before playing Corinne Veneau in the 2008 Bond film,Quantum of Solace. A year later, she landed the role for which she has become best known: playing NYPD detective Kate Beckett in the ABC crime drama, Castle. Katic has also launched her own production company, Sine Timore Productions, and founded The Alternative Travel Project, which encourages people to go car-free for a day. Having starred in his 2011 film, For Lovers Only, Katic reunited with director Michael Polish to play the poet Lenore Kandel in Big Sur, which premiered at the 2013 Sundance film festival. Castle returns on Alibi, 9 Jan, 9pm.

Film: August: Osage County
I recently saw this film, which stars Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Benedict Cumberbatch, and is directed by John Wells. It’s about a family who live in a grey zone of morality and their family dynamics. It started off as a play and it’s an incredible watch – I’m sure it’s an Oscar contender. They’ve got the best actors working on this film and it was really a wonderful pleasure to see. There’s no one type of film that I like watching: I loved Tropic Thunder and the first Austin Powers, and then The Godfather Parts I and IIThere Will Be Blood, Wes Anderson films… and now this.

Art: Alex Gross
Alex Gross is an LA artist who has become a friend. His work is really compelling. It’s always a tad haunting, with a bit of whimsy and humour, but also a streak of something [else]. A friend of mine on Castle introduced me to his artwork, and then to him. His work feels like a surreal advertisement sometimes, they’re almost like historical paintings, but with a huge twist. He has lizard people in his paintings, but then he also has geishas and samurais. He kind of mixes worlds and realms of reality.

Book: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
This is a story about post-revolutionary Russia, when everyone’s supposed to be an atheist. No one believes in God or the devil but the devil comes to town, he comes to Moscow, and creates havoc. In addition to that story, Bulgakov also writes the story of a woman and her lover, and how she goes on a journey to save him. It’s a beautiful, surreal, woven tale – one of my favourites. I try to read as much as possible and I’ve got a book to hand all of the time.

Music: King Krule/Pearl Jam
I downloaded his song Easy Easy and then, more recently, Foreign 2. I think he’s got this reckless-man voice that speaks to those moments of inner rebellion where you just need to let loose for a bit. I also just went to aPearl Jam concert on the USC (University of Southern California) campus and it was FUN! What an incredible voice. Pearl Jam were a part of my growing up. I was actually kind of anxious seeing them for the first time live because I have so much invested in them and I didn’t want to be let down, and I wasn’t. They just kept going – the lights went up in the arena and they were still singing.

Country: Mongolia
I went to Mongolia with my mum and we lived in a yurt for almost three weeks. We travelled north via Khövsgöl and we also travelled in the Gobi desert in the south. We drank every sort of milk, from yak’s milk to camel’s milk to horse’s milk, and experienced the local traditions – they have an annual festival called Naadam, where they showcase archery, wrestling and horseback riding… We also participated in a child’s hair-cutting ceremony (Daah’ Urgeeh). It was wonderful to be able to share the experience with someone close to me. Mongolia hasn’t fully transitioned into commercialism, so some of the authentic, older experiences are still available to people travelling through the countryside.

Opera: The Tales of Hoffmann
Every time I go to a new place, more likely than not, I end up seeing an opera there. It’s ended up being a part of travel. Now, I’m a regular attendee at the LA Opera House. One of my favourite operas is The Tales of Hoffmann – I saw that in Prague. There’s a duet where two females are singing (Belle nuit, ô nuit d’amour) which is absolutely incredible, as is the story itself. It’s about a man searching for redemption: he doesn’t realise that he needs it, but in the end he discovers that he does. It was a beautiful performance in the middle of this very old city… It brought me to tears.


Jan 03, 14

Video & Photos: Stana in ‘Mission Unknown’

I’m not sure exactly when this is from, since it’s not in any of Stana’s official filmography, but it’s definitely some of her earliest work. It’s the trailer for a unreleased sci-fi movie and some set photos.

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Dec 30, 13

Gallery Update: Old Photoshoots & CicLAvia 2013

Thanks again to Stanatics Brasil for the photoshoot!

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Dec 27, 13

Castle 6×11 “Under Fire” Sneak Peeks

Dec 26, 13

Castle 6×11 “Under Fire” Episode Synopsis & Stills

“Under Fire” – When Castle and Beckett discover that the victim of a building fire was actually shot to death, they get on the trail of a serial arsonist turned murderer. Meanwhile, Ryan’s wife, Jenny, goes into labor, but disaster threatens to ruin the joyous moment, on “Castle,” MONDAY, JANUARY 6 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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