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New Castle Promo

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Castle Season 1 HD Screencaptures

I’ve added HD screencaptures from Season 1 of Castle to the gallery, so follow the link below to see them all! Seasons 2 and 3 will be next, hopefully before the winter hiatus is over.

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Keck’s Exclusives: 2014 Castle Preview With Brolin, Baby and Beckett as a Bride?

Kate Meets Castle’s Dad

James Brolin returns as Jackson Hunt, the estranged dad of Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion), on the Jan. 13 episode of ABC’s Castle. He meets his son’s fiancée, Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), but for most of the episode, she’s unaware that the CIA operative is her future father-in-law (he keeps his identity secret to protect his undercover work). “That introduction comes later and is far more awkward,” says Fillion.

“[Beckett] has a big question about Jackson’s true motives,” says Katic. “He’s not all that he seems.” Blame that on Brolin, who agreed to reprise the role only if Jackson turned darker. “I wanted viewers to find out how deadly he is,” Brolin says. “He gets a thrill out of terminating people who deserve it. The thrill is there, with no feeling of remorse.” To make matters worse, Jackson “talks down to his son like he’s 5 years old,” says Brolin, “and is very attracted to Kate. That’s the kind of a–hole he is.” Hunt also comes face-to-face with Castle’s mom, Martha, for the first time since their long-ago tryst.

Ryan’s Special Delivery

Mark your calendars for Jan. 6. That’s when Det. Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) finally becomes a daddy! But the blessed event is not without complications. Ryan’s wife, Jenny (played by Dever’s real-life wife, Juliana Dever), goes into labor at the same time detectives Ryan and Esposito (Jon Huertas) are trapped in a burning building. “Not only does it look as though Ryan may not be there to watch the birth of his child,” says Seamus, “he may not live to see the baby at all.” That leaves Lanie (Tamala Jones) and Beckett to assist in the delivery. While the storyline is traumatic, the cast kept the vibe light on set. “At one point, Stana was joking about eating the placenta,” says Juliana. Fillion “was the first one to drop the fake baby,” adds Seamus of the pricey prop. “It’s his gag.”

Say Yes to the Dress

Executive producer Andrew Marlowe has already decided when Castle and Beckett will get married. “But I don’t think we’re close enough to reveal it,” he says, hinting that both Senator Bracken (Jack Coleman) and the ­presumed-dead 3XK killer could complicate the couple’s plans. Nonetheless, the bride-to-be is in prep mode, and on the Jan. 27 episode, she finds a dress. “Beckett’s past comes back and brings the dress to her,” says Katic. She comes across the gown while investigating a case set in the world of high fashion. “Beckett’s looking at designers’ spring lines,” says ­Marlowe. Trying on the dress “is an emotional moment for her because this is something she would have been doing with her [deceased] mother.”


Dec 16, 13

Castle Season 6 Mid-Season Spoilers: 3XK and Senator Bracken Both Related To Beckett’s Past?

After Castle Season 6 aired its mid-season finale, more spoilers and hints are surfacing online with regards to both Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett’s (Stana Katic) past!

Before the mid-season finale, Episode 9 “The Disciple” gave its viewers a lot of cliffhangers particularly on the 3XK case.

Remember 3XK? The serial murderer who kidnapped Castle? Well, it seems that his story didn’t end on the bridge where he fell after getting shot by Rick.

On Episode 9, a new character was introduced, Dr. Kelly Neiman. As the episode progresses, it turned out that Neiman is somewhat connected to 3XK. The episode ended with Castle and Beckett opening a pen drive Castle got from Dr. Neiman. When Castle played the song “We’ll Meet Again,” Beckett was shocked, started to shake and almost teary-eyed.

After the episode, more speculations surfaced regarding 3XK’s relationship with Beckett. Judging by Beckett’s strong reaction to the song “We’ll Meet Again,” there’s a great chance there’s more to 3XK’s story that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Castle creator Andrew Marlowe spoke to TVLine about this and said, “Maybe, just maybe, Beckett has a personal history with that particular song that makes her think that it was more than just a general threat. That maybe someone out there knows more about her past than she realizes.”

Could this be a major hint on what Marlowe is trying to build up for Castle Season 6 finale? If this major clue proves to be true and 3XK is somewhat really connected to Beckett’s past, could it also mean that 3XK is somewhat involved with Senator Bracken (Jack Coleman)?

It could be a long shot, but series creator Marlowe insists that he’s planning to bring back Sen. Bracken on the show with one major condition – “only when the perfect story comes up,” he told TV Guide.

Remember Bracken’s last words to Beckett?

Bracken: “You saved my life.”

Beckett: “Yea, well you can’t win ’em all, can you?”

Bracken: “I suppose this means I’m in your debt.”

Beckett: “Nothing’s changed between us, Senator.”

Bracken: “Even so. It’s a dangerous world out there, detective.

You never know when you might need a friend.”

If Bracken’s story is brought back, the senator’s last words to Beckett could mean that he was trying to warn Beckett about a possibility of other “threats” in her life.

Katic also expressed her thoughts to TV Guide saying, “I think that story needs really great closure. They did a really nice job of developing this ‘sleeping dragon’ story, and [the end] of that should be done with justice to all of the years that they spent developing that.”

Could it be that this “perfect story” involves connecting the stories of both 3XK and Sen. Bracken? It’s one possibility we’ll have to see for ourselves when Castle comes back.

Tune in here for more Castle Season 6 SPOILERS!

Castle Season 6 returns to ABC on January 6, 2014 at 10 pm EDT.



Dec 15, 13

Castle Set to Rewrite TV Rule Book

Stana Katic has finally got her way. For years, Katic had been lobbying Castle creator Andrew W Marlowe to allow main characters Richard Castle and Kate Beckett to become a couple.

The first few years of the hit US crime comedy/drama had been filled with romantic sparks between Katic’s NYPD homicide detective Becket and best-selling author Castle (Nathan Fillion).

Katic thought that the next obvious step was for the couple to become romantically involved. She even reckoned they should have a baby together.

Trouble was no-one else on the show agreed with the 35-year-old Canadian actor.

Hollywood knows that audiences love unresolved sexual tension between TV characters – think Mulder and Scully (X-Files), House and Cuddy (House), Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield (The Nanny), David Addison and Maddie Hayes (Moonlighting), and Ross Geller and Rachel Green (Friends).

Consummate the relationship and you risk a big drop in ratings.

“I was the only one in the cast who said ‘we (Castle and Beckett) can be together and it can still be spicy’,” Katic says.

“I really do believe that. That might just be me being overly romantic and a bit naive. I feel like you could get a pair of people together and still have that fabulous passionate foreplay.

“I don’t buy into that ‘curse’ thing (ratings drop if Castle and Beckett hooked up). They have done it with (the hit Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie movie) Mr & Mrs Smith.

“If two characters have a strong point of view and a tremendous amount of attraction for each other then there are fireworks.”

That didn’t convince Fillion, who made no secret of the fact that he hoped the pair would never get together.

“Give everybody what they want and release that (romantic and sexual) tension and that’s when people start going ‘OK, done’,” Fillion said.

A year ago Marlowe finally relented. Castle proposed to Beckett at the end of season five – just as Beckett was getting ready to leave New York to join the Attorney General’s office in Washington DC.

Marlowe promised that Series 6 would be full of surprises and he has been true to his word.

The season opened with Beckett accepting Castle’s marriage proposal, but a big distraction came when Castle was exposed to a deadly chemical toxin.

Later, Beckett was fired from her new job by boss Rachel McCord (House favourite Lisa Edelstein) after leaking sensitive material to the media.

Beckett and Castle are still together, but it doesn’t look like viewers will be getting aBones-style wedding episode any time soon.

All those relationship hurdles have helped make Katic’s prediction come true.

Castle has stayed strong in the ratings, with the current season averaging around 12 million viewers in the USA. The slump that everyone worried about never happened.

Despite six years in the spotlight thanks to Castle, Katic is still something of an enigma.

Katic was born in the industrial town of Hamilton, Ontario, and is the eldest of six children. She studied international law, global economics as well as drama before moving to Los Angeles to begin her acting career.

Katic is something of a Renaissance woman – she speaks five languages and is an avid lover of history, science, travel, music, and art. She loves poetry and claims her favourite movie is Out of Africa. When I chat to her she enthuses about the classic novel Zorba the Greek, by Nikos Kazantzaki.

Katic reckons she is something of a tomboy too – enjoying NFL football, karate and basketball.

Katic also has a social conscience. In 2010, she started The Alternative Travel Project, which encourages people to go car-free to help the environment.

Katic has also started her own production company, Sine Timore, which means ‘without fear’. She may be happy that her character’s romance with Castle has progressed, but off-screen, Katic’s own private life is a mystery. She has kept any romance a closely-guarded secret.


Dec 10, 13

Keck’s Exclusives: Frances Fisher Has Designs on Castle

Warning: Minor spoilers!

Castle has cast Titanic star Frances Fisher in a Devil Wears Prada-themed episode that will revisit Kate Beckett’s (Stana Katic) past as a model.

“The episode has a little Devil Wears Prada feel to it with an Anna Wintour type character,” reveals executive producer Andrew Marlowe, referencing the notorious Vogue editor-in-chief who inspired Meryl Streep’s icy Miranda Priestly film character. “In investigating the case, we discover that the Anna Wintour character, Matilda King, who runs this magazine, Modern Fashion, crossed paths with Beckett when she briefly flirted with a career as a model.”     

Marlowe says he cast Fisher (whose credits include Eureka, The Shield and Touch) in the role because “she brings a regality to everything she does.”

The episode is slated to air on Jan. 27.


Dec 04, 13

Mega Buzz: Is Castle Done With the Senator Bracken Story?

Is Castle done with the Sen. Bracken-Beckett story? — Nina

ADAM: Not if the show wants to keep leading lady Stana Katic happy. “I think that story needs really great closure,” she tells us of Beckett’s series-long search for her mother’s killer. “They did a really nice job of developing this ‘sleeping dragon’ story, and [the end] of that should be done with justice to all of the years that they spent developing that.” The good news? Creator Andrew W. Marlowe insists that he has plans to bring Jack Coleman’s dirty politician back — but only when the perfect story comes up.


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