Dec 19, 12

Castle Spoilers: Ask Ausiello

Warning: Spoilers!

Question: Any Castle news? —Gabriella

Ausiello: “It’s every man’s worst nightmare,” show boss Andrew Marlowe explains, when Castle’s ex-wife Meredith (Scandal‘s Darby Stanchfield) not only resurfaces in the next new episode (airing Jan. 7), but crashes at his place to tend to a sick Alexis. Especially since Kate is also at the time bunking with Rick, who famously has/had a habit of indulging in “ex sex” — and old habits perhaps die hard for one of the former marrieds. ”Castle has kind of dug his own grave and spends the episode trying to dig himself out of it,” Marlowe previews. “It’s also interesting to see everybody else’s take on things.” For in addition to RySposito sounding off on the sticky sitch, “You have Lanie saying to Beckett, ‘Girl, you have got to claim your territory!’”


Dec 18, 12

Scans: Stana in Télé Poche

Thanks to Adeline for the scans!

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Dec 13, 12

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Castle

Warning: Spoilers!

Castle | Remember (of course you do) how Rick let down Kate by obliging her wishes and not coughing up a Christmas gift? That “oops” will be revisited as the couple celebrates their first Valentine’s Day together. In that February sweeps episode – the same one guest-starring Firefly alum Gina Torres as the star of a Real Housewives-like reality mess – “Castle and Beckett are talking about what they got each other, and there’s a subtle competition between the two of them,” shares show boss Andrew Marlowe. And as Rick strikes to make good on his Yuletide faux pas, “That in and of itself brings its own complications…. Let’s just say that some wild hijinks ensue as he tries to deliver her present.” Hmm, bigger than a breadbox? Or (ahem) tiny enough to fall down a sewer grate?


Dec 11, 12

Stana Attends Premiere of “Zero Dark Thirty”

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Dec 09, 12

Stana in Castle’s “Home For The Holiday’s” Video

Dec 08, 12


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