Absentia: A Shocking First Episode

Stana Katic’s new series is here, a thriller that will have you hooked from the first second.

It is difficult to judge a series by its pilot. How many times have we seen a really bad first episode, and at the same time everyone tells us it was the show of the year? Thousands of times. But ‘Absentia’ is not one of those times. This pilot begins with a prologue that will get you to your sofa and make you freak out within the first 5 minutes. It reminded me a bit of ‘Alias’, although the shows have nothing to do with each other.

While pursuing a serial killer, an FBI agent disappears and is considered dead , leaving behind a husband, also an agent, and her 3-year-old son. But 6 years later she reappears, to everyone’s surprise . Without any memory of what happened since her abduction, she has to adapt to a new reality in which her husband has rebuilt his life with another woman and her son does not know her. In addition, a new series of murders make some of her colleagues believe she might be the killer.

This 10 episode production – with the possibility of a second season – promises action, mystery, secrets, broken hearts and many emotions . The first episode already shows some of the jewels of what this series can become. The kidnapping of the protagonist is only the beginning, and now comes the complicated part: returning home 6 years later, when everyone has said goodbye to you.

Stana Katic offers us a character that is complex and dramatic in this show . Getting away from Castle’s bold side, this series is much harsher, more tough, and the characters are not in a easy situation . I can’t deny that the part tI was most interested in of the pilot was the thriller. I love shows with serial killers, but it’s not what impressed me most about this first episode.

The dramatic side concerning the relationships of the characters is very impressive. To see how she must face her return to society, to her family and friends. It is very shocking. The cast of the series is impressive , her, her husband (now ex), her son and her husband’s new wife.

Visually, the series does not fall short either, it has personality. And this is something that procedural or other shows can forget to take care of. It’s not ‘another’ show and that’s something you can tell. If you like dramatic series and thrillers, check it out. It is highly recommended.