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Her name is Emily Byrne . She disappeared six years ago and everyone believed her to be dead. She was an extraordinary FBI agent, had a happy home, was the mother of a child. Living in Boston, she was investigating the serial killer who is now serving a sentence on death row. One day they find her in a cabin in the woods and tell her that her family has moved on with their lives. But Emily does not know who she is or what happened during her absence…


It is the beginning of ‘ Absentia‘, the new story that stars Stana Katic in her great return to television. A thriller to forget the bitter and unexpected farewell of Castle, in which she played Detective Kate Beckett for eight seasons and whose “irreconcilable differences” with co-star Nathan Fillion led to its cancellation a little over a year ago.

Stana has moved on. With an ‘intentional’ amnesia, she is rewarded with her new role in this 10-episode production that opens world-wide on AXN on Monday 25th and whose role adapts as a glove to her athletic beauty and her mysterious personality.

“Just reading the first scripts, I realized it was for me,” says the actress. “I’ve always been intrigued by survival stories. I read about people who managed to make it out alive of the Holocaust and the barbarism of World War II. But this is also a modern character: a woman, professional, mother … and an imperfect heroine. It has been interesting to explore all her layers in extreme circumstances. Now there are better roles for women, not only as partners of the protagonist but as an entity in itself. ”

The metaphor, apart from the disturbing landscapes of Bulgaria where the series has been fully filmed in 70 days and which simulate New England, is represented in a frightening ‘Houdini scenario’, as Emily comes back to reality literally drowning in a crystal box . So, to her intellectual abilities – she speaks four languages ??and is able to memorize the script of a chapter in a single afternoon -, the 39-year-old Canadian actress has had to add the development of other physicals: “All kinds of stunts, jumps, obstacles, go karting and, worst of all, swimming in a lake with the outside temperature below freezing. She wore a neoprene suit but on leaving it was the equipment that contained the breath. ”

In the story of Absentia, created by Italian Gaia Violo and directed by the Israeli Oded Ruskin (known by the series False Flag, there is a mysterious relationship with water. “It’s not just an aesthetic effect,” Stana says. “It means entering into the subconscious of Emily, in her lost memories, as if she were reborn, a shock experienced by many survivors of catastrophes.”


Emily does not adapt well to her new reality. When she awakens in the hospital, she discovers that six years have passed and that her husband, Nick (Patrick Heusinger), has married Alice (Cara Theobold), whom his son, Flynn, considers his mother. Emily stays in the the home of her brother Jack (Neil Jackson). The conflict escalates when Emily is arrested because her DNA is found on a suspect’s corpse.


There is another decisive element in this series, “the family and surroundings of a loved one after her disappearance, the so-called Homeland effect,” explains the director, perhaps because it bears the stamp of the producers of the Hatufim series , on which it was inspired by the history of American marine.

“This is also a mystical ritual,” says Stana, who participates in the production, “the relationship between siblings, parents and children, couples and new couples … They all come into conflict with each other. But they test the values ??of who, instead of revenge chooses to understand, because most family dynamics are not ‘clean’. It’s a universal theme that everyone recognizes.”

Another immediate comparison that Castle followers make is that of Emily with Beckett. Aside from the fact that both have badges, the dry response of the actress is that “they do not look anything alike.” Then she points out: “I do not see a way to compare them, their worlds are different and each has her own merit”.

After her departure from Castle, Stana collected her awards and surrendered to the theater, her other passion, with an experimental show by Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour, White Rabbit Red Rabbit, in New York. “No Essay, No Director, No spoilers. The script is given to the actor upon taking the stage and the audience participates. I had a great few months of winter, perfect to disconnect.”

She also completed two films, and has her own initiative The Alternative Travel Project , whose “goal is to encourage people to walk, use public transportation and bicycle to benefit the environment and health, although in the United States it is almost a mission impossible, “says the actress.

In the presentation of Absentia during the latest Monte Carlo Festival, Katic praised her new partner Patrick Heusinger, her husband in the series. And another man, Kris Brkljac, an Australian business consultant also of Serb Croatian descent, with whom she has been married in real life since April 26, 2015, the day of her 37th birthday.

As “mysterious” as her character, she simply posted photos on her Instagram after a secret ceremony held at a monastery on the Dalmatian coast, where her parents are, according to the Daily Mail .

In Monte Carlo she gave him part of the credit to her success – 12 million dollars by Castle – although used the line of “no comment” on Instagram: “The man behind the scenes: The privilege of a whole life is to love and to be loved for you. Thank you, my best friend, my rock, my love “. Now the mystery is only in Emily’s mind.




He had just shot Jack Reacher: Never Go Back with Tom Cruise and did not want to go back to work on television after Gossip Girl, Casual , and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce . “It was time to stop being the handsome boy,” says Patrick Heusinger to Supertele .

But the actor, 36, met with Absentia, an action thriller in which he stars as Nick Durand, an FBI agent who finds his wife, Emily Byrne (Stana Katic), six years after she disappeared.

Why did you change your mind?

They offered me several important series, but I declined them because I wanted to work with Stana on such a clever and adult script.

Because it’s different?

In any other series, my current wife would be despicable and evil so that you would empathize with the protagonist. In Absentia, however, it is just as good. It reminds me of the Hitchcock films in a character thriller.

The recording was very fast, only three months.

Yes. We went to Sofia, Bulgaria, and caught the biggest snowfall of recent years (laughs). I’m from Florida, but I prefer the cold to the heat. Typically, we record one episode after another, but here we were mixing scenes from multiple episodes.

That will be more difficult.

In a movie it takes five months to run two hours. In Absentia, it was three months to ten hours. I had to stick the scripts up on the walls of my room to find out what mood Nick was in every moment. It was a challenge.

Has it been the most difficult part of your career?

Surely. I visited an FBI office and asked them what they ate, how much they charged, if they had ever worked a kidnapping … I wanted to know everything. I even lost seven kilos so I did not look so muscular. They do not have time to go to the gym.

How does a basketball player end up being an actor?

I think the world did not know what to do with me. When I finished high school, I enrolled in the School of Dramatic Art and it was the first thing that I finished in my life. I decided then to devote myself to this completely.

Is this profession what you expected?

Imagine a 5 year old boy walking in the middle of nowhere. That was how I felt at first. I do not consider myself an activist of anything, but I do want to claim my share and the stories that count. My goal is not to leave anyone indifferent.

Thanks to Stana Katic Spain for the original text.

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