Beckett’s New Relationship: ‘Her Heart is at Stake With This Guy’

CASTLE’s Castle and Beckett may have finally consummated their relationship after spending four seasons dancing around their feelings for each other, but their fans aren’t the only ones thrilled to see what happens next.

“It’s exciting,” Stana Katic (Beckett) told me. “We’ve always seen Beckett on these peripheral viewpoints when it came to her relationships. I think that it’s nice to see what it means to be that character from the inside of that relationship. I think there’s a different quality to the character when she’s vulnerable and involved physically and on a deeper emotional level with someone. So it’s nice. It’s been really quite a lot of fun to play.”

“At this point, we’re actually watching these two figure out what it means to be in a relationship with each other,” she continued. “And it is different, definitely. She’s sensual and sensitive and strong-willed and all of those subtle elements we’ve seen on-screen before, but it’s amplified because there’s more at stake. Her heart is at stake with this guy.”

As if that wasn’t enough for Beckett, the hunt for the person responsible for her mother’s death heats up. And while Katic downplayed that this specific bit of information may change her character, she noted her character has evolved over the course of the show.

“It’s not that the information changes her; I think she’s changed,” Katic said. “We’ve experienced these stories for over four seasons and it’s been a real raw [experience] for her as the character becomes emotionally reactive. And now we see a character that is very much in control. And that makes her much more powerful and much more lethal. And because of that, she finds the person that was responsible for all of this. And because of that, she makes really clear, thought-out decisions that are dangerous; not for her this time, but for that person. It’s very calculated and exciting, because it’s a big leap for that character’s arc. And it makes her much more lethal. We [originally] heard of the journey through Captain Montgomery, who had always told her, ‘Hey, follow the evidence. Think clearly.’ And she’s finally there. I think it’s really neat. She’s kind of come into her full form in the past four years.”

Looking forward to the future, Katic admitted her character is most concerned about Ryan and Esposito finding out about the new romance in her life.

“I think she’s most concerned about her work colleagues finding out,” she said. “It’s difficult because she has wonderful relationships with these people; they’re like brothers. And to keep that a secret from them is difficult. But also necessary because the work relationship with Castle is at risk if they don’t keep it a secret. It’s an interesting conflict we do touch on in later episodes after the first one. But it’s a necessary conflict. There’s also an element of a new relationship that they want to explore what it means together before they make it public because things change when you make it public. By keeping it quiet for a little while, they get to find out a little bit more about what it means to be dating each other.”

Alas, the couple’s biggest problem may come in episode six when Castle is suspected of murder.

“The most difficult part about that story is I don’t think Beckett ever doubts that he’s not the killer,” Katic explained. “I think she is in tune enough with him to know that he isn’t. I think the thing that is the question in her mind is the question of whether he was unfaithful. And Beckett met the man when he was signing someone’s chest — someone’s boob! — and she knows he has a history of two failed marriages and one-night stands and things like that. So Beckett being the one-and-done type would want to know the relationship means as much to him as it does to her. And that’s where that conflict lies.”