‘Castle’ Star Stana Katic on a Castle-Beckett Romance: They’re One Huge Step Closer

“Kill Shot” promises to be one of the most tense episodes of “Castle” ever. As the gang investigates a sniper case, Beckett’s memories of being shot by a sniper in the Season 3 finale come flooding back. But it’s not just the drama that’ll have you on the edge of your seat during Monday’s episode (Nov. 21).

Star Stana Katic promises that the entire experience will have a transformative effect on the detective. Not only does Beckett work through the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder lingering after her shooting, she also reaches “another level in her commitment to diving in with Castle [Nathan Fillion],” Katic tells Zap2it.
“I think this episode brings them one step — one huge step — closer [to a relationship],” Katic says.
But the obstacle they’ll have to overcome first is the fact that they’re both keeping huge secrets from one another. “Beckett knows that Castle said ‘I love you,’ but she also knows that until she solves her mom’s murder, she’s no good in any relationship,” Katic says. “And Castle knows more about Beckett’s mom’s murder case than he’s willing to let her know because he doesn’t want her to get killed.”
It’s ultimately out of a mutual love that Beckett and Castle are being dishonest. “The two of them are trying to protect each other in the interest of a relationship,” Katic says. “If they could just be honest with one another, they would probably solve this issue and be able to be together — which is what they both want.”
Katic says the episode will also help Beckett work through her feelings about her mother’s murder. “This episode for Beckett is special because in a way she says, ‘I’ve spent so much time defining myself by my mom’s murder. It’s no longer something I want to be defined by. I want to also live the life and the gift of the life that I’ve been given, and one of those gifts is a relationship with Castle’. I think we see her work through a really huge fear, and realize that she hasn’t been living it as fully as she could.”
“Castle” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC. Stay tuned on Monday for more from Katic about the ultra-dramatic episode.