Detective Beckett is Back!

With crime-based shows and detective dramas having garnered wide-spread popularity among TV viewers, small screen audiences often have reasons to celebrate.

Castle, the show that has a crackling chemistry between its protagonists — novelist Richard Castle (played by actor Nathan Fillion) and detective Kate Beckett— portrayed by actor Stana Katic, will be back onscreen, in season four of the series.

When asked if sometimes she feels like she knows Kate  better than the writers who direct her onscreen moves, Katic says, “Sometimes, in some situations, I do have a strong opinion, that might be different from what someone has presented. But they are open, you know. They don’t oppose me. And if there is a different reason for doing whatever it is that they want to do, the makers are really great at explaining it. In the end, I have to say the words, and it has to be believable. A part of the reason Kate has opened up over the years is because I said that it’s not believable that a woman in a position of power is robotic.”

When asked if she relates to the character, Katic says, “Actually, I don’t know. That’s a level of self-analysis. In the end, I really admire Kate because she is a woman in a position of authority. She’s imperfect, and in spite of her flaws, she tries to do her best, and she works with intelligence and heart, and I think that’s beautiful.”

You can catch the pair solving crime on Star World, starting tonight at 10 pm, as part of their new property, Crime at Ten.