Face Time | Stana Katic

When I met up with Stana Katic recently at the Crosby Hotel, she was thrilled, having just learned that her show “Castle” (in which she plays a detective) had been renewed for a fifth season. Katic was getting ready to go on a few appointments, so a little makeup and a quick chat were in order. She filled me in on her future movie projects: “Big Sur” (about Jack Kerouac) and “CBGB” (about the rock club), and revealed how she keeps her skin glowing and her figure fit.

What do you think is one of the greatest beauty assets a woman can possess?

Good skin! It is key. Taking care of my skin is very important to me. I try to see a skin specialist and get regular facials when I can. It can make all the difference. I mostly use holistic and natural skin care. I go to this wonderful holistic spa in Los Angeles called theHealing Rose Center.

Do you find that what you consume makes a difference in the appearance of your complexion?

Of course. I think keeping your body in balance, and as alkaline as possible, has a great impact on how your skin looks. To help, I take barley powder as a supplement. I can always see the difference. Your skin feeds off of your body, so it’s a reflection of the state of your health. Hydration is the most important thing — hydrated skin looks fantastic!

How about what you put on your skin. What are your go-to skin care products?

I like thick, rich moisturizers, like Dr. Hauschka’s Quince Cream, or their Rejuvenating Mask, under my makeup. J’ai Lone makes these great skin-enhancing treatment pads that exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize. For an eye cream I like La Mer Eye Balm Intense. I travel a lot and find that flying dries out my skin, so to counter that, I’ll use these creams. And drink loads of water. I find it helps in the dry climates like L.A.

Is there a lip balm that keeps your lips in good condition?

One of the best products is Aquaphor. I also like Dr. Hauschka’s lip moisturizer. I always have these on hand, especially to counter those overcaffeinated days! Caffeine can be so dehydrating.

Does coffee help give you the perk you need on long days of shooting?

Yes, coffee is a must on certain days. It helps get me through the long hours. A packet ofEmergen-C is also helpful. Or sometimes when I feel low-energy, I’m just thirsty.

Which body moisturizer do you prefer?

Dr. Hauschka oils are divine. I also love Weleda’s almond moisturizer.

Is there a salon and hair stylist you visit when possible?

I really like to see Robert Ramos at the Estilo Salon in Los Angeles. He is wonderful with my hair.

Do you have a favorite fragrance or essential oil you like to wear?

I really like Vanilla Spice by Jo Malone. Sometimes I go for a bit of jasmine oil or Night Queen perfume oil — it’s kind of musky, slightly floral and very soothing.

What is your approach to cosmetics? Do you mix it up or just stick to certain products?

I like to have fun and experiment with different products, brands and colors. They’re all so different. Sometimes the technology of some products is just not compatible with your skin. I like to create different looks depending on the moment, my mood or the vibe I want to convey. It changes every day, and for every event. Through experimenting you can find what works.

When you feel like playing up your eyes, what mascara works best for you?

I usually go for Diorshow Blackout mascara — it works perfectly.

When the mood strikes for a red lip, what lipstick do you reach for?

My favorite red is Rouge Dior Lipcolor in Ara Red. For a darker, moodier lip, I’ll blend it with a deeper berry colored lip liner and give it a coat of berry gloss.

Do you have a favorite foundation or a custom blend that makes your skin even and luminous?

With foundation I like to mix and blend different products. I think that works best. A makeup artist I work with often taught me how to mix a palette that blends into my skin perfectly. What I use often depends on the time of year it is and the state my skin is in.Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV foundation in No. 7 is a great go-to. I’ll blend it withChantecaille Just Skin tinted moisturizer, Dior Skin Nude liquid foundation and a Bobbi Brown foundation stick. It seems like a lot, but it becomes routine. But when I’m not working, I like to give my skin a break from products and let it breathe.

Who are your beauty icons?

I think Anouk Aimée, a French actress who started in the late ’40s, was beautiful. She starred in “La Dolce Vita,” “8 1/2? and “A Man and a Woman.” And I love Monica Vitti, an Italian actress from the ’60s. Monica was the muse of the director Michelangelo Antonioni. Their features were absolutely stunning.

Who are your style icons?

I like the women who had a strong and fearless style. A good example was Slim Keith, a style icon and socialite from the ’50s. Lauren Bacall and Katharine Hepburn were also style pioneers for woman back then. They were wearing pants, ties and they were smoking. They were sometimes referred to as dames or broads. I also like a woman, such as Madonna, who has that independent spirit and does as she pleases — doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

When possible, I like discovering new designers from around the world. But mainly I wear Jil Sander, Valentino, Giorgio Armani and Alberta Ferretti. And Betsey Johnson has some fun pieces.

Do you enjoy travel or are you more of a homebody?

Oh I love to travel! I am definitely not a homebody. I’m quite nomadic when I am not working. I’m very static when I am filming the show, so when I’m off I like to move around. I find myself renewed because of it.

Do your travels contribute to your eclectic style?

For sure. I like to pick up trinkets and tokens from all the places I visit. I have a great hat and coat from Mongolia, and a Tibetan camp scarf that I love. And this woven cuff from an Indian Aarti blessing. All these things get incorporated into my wardrobe and accessory collection one way or another.

How do you find time to exercise between your busy work and travel schedules?

Exercise is huge! I like yoga in the morning. It gets the blood flowing. When I travel, it’s great to wake up and do a sun salutation wherever I am to greet the day. It makes you feel more liquid and balanced. Hiking is also great. And I really like archery — I find it very meditative. I’d have to say horseback riding is one of my favorite activities. Going fast and communicating with the animal is exhilarating. There are so many fascinating things to discover in this life. I love the exploration!