Fall Premiere on AXN: Absentia

AXN presents this fall a new original Sony Pictures Television: Absentia, every Monday at 10:00pm beginning September 25th. The most important production broadcast on AXN television this season, the new 10-episode series is more than a strenuous pursuit of a serial killer.

“A story about survival is how I would characterize the show. Often, it is, in fact, about your family, loyalty, and the trust you have in your loved ones. It’s about the capacity that each of us has: to find our strength despite extreme situations that could be fatal, “says American actress Stana Katic about the action of the show in an interview with Sony Pictures Television.

Stana Katic plays the role of Emily Bryne, FBI agent, who disappears while investigating the case of a serial killer. Emily is declared dead, but six years after her disappearance she is found in a deserted cabin. Once back home, the world she knew has now changed: her husband remarried, her son no longer recognizes her, and her brother is overcoming alcohol addiction. On top of this, Emily can not remember what happened to her, and soon she returns to a whirlwind that seems unfinished.

“I find it very interesting to see how much power is hiding in people, and how much we can endure until we can begin to heal,” adds Stana Katic.

Stana Katic is a Canadian-American actress, with Serbian parents from Croatia. Well-known to audiences for the role of Kate Beckett in the ABC series Castle, Katic is also executive producer of Absentia. She has numerous nominations and prizes at international entertainment festivities, including three People’s Choice Awards, a PRISM Award and three TV Guide Awards. Stana dedicates her efforts to philanthropic projects with a focus on the environment, children’s education and health.