Interview With IO Donna Magazine



“Blame my gypsy spirit, always ready to start with fantasy,” says actress Stana Katic. And only on one occasion does she run out of words …

Stana Katic, a 39-year-old Canadian of Serbian-Croatian origin, after bidding farewell to Castle (playing the detective in love with the mysterious writer), is the protagonist and producer of Absentia, a series we will soon see in Italy. In the series, she portrays Emily, another strong woman: an FBI agent who disappeared and returned home after six years without her memory.

We live in a dangerous world, what is your greatest fear?

To lose who I love, my husband, a friend or a family member. Just the thought paralyzes me.

On set, how did you fight negative thoughts, given the obscure theme?

I listened to Radiohead to ease the tension.

What makes your heart beat today?

My gypsy spirit, curious, savage, always ready to discover new places and to travel, even in fantasy by reading a book.

What about love?

For me, it’s like a fandango, a dance that must have rhythm, where you keep the spark alive with a subtle seduction, a game where you get tangled and make yourself laugh is fundamental.

A colleague [of work] who surprised you?

Richard Gere: We shot ‘The Double’ together and it left me speechless. Not only because he is one of the sexiest men in the world, but because he is simple and generous … And he has been close to me several times when I told him that I am a fan of him. What can I do? I’m weak for talented artists, from Johnny Depp to Daniel Day-Lewis to Anthony Hopkins. In front of any of them, I’m speechless. And this is not something that happens to me often.

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