Kissing Nathan Fillion Was “Titillating”

We got the chance to chat with Castle star Stana Katic today, and Kate Beckett herself gave us the scoop about life on and off the set. Read on to find out what she thinks about Castle and Beckett’s relationship, what’s in store for the rest of the season, and the circumstances surrounding her very random connection to Jack Black. (Hint: It involves a furniture store.)

How much fun are you having as Detective Kate Beckett?

“I’ve been really enjoying how much more freedom there’s been in her storyline. We’ve gotten to explore some of her home life recently, and she’s obviously got a new love interest, Josh Davidson, played by Victor Webster, who’s a really incredible guy. The relationship between her and Castle has blossomed a lot, and they’ve gotten to the point where they really trust each other. I think they’ve enjoyed each other more so in this season than in past ones. It’s nice. It’s fun.”

What was it like to kiss Nathan Fillion?

“Titillating. [Laughs]”

Do you and Nathan agree on what direction Castle and Beckett’s relationship should take?

“I think Nathan believes in the not-rushing-into-anything concept. And I do as well. I believe that they really have a great working relationship, and there are still elements of the story that need to be revealed. I think for Kate it’s really important that she knows what happened to Castle’s other marriages. That’s still unclear. She’s always kind of been known to be the one with a ‘type,’ and I don’t think she’d jump into something with a person she feels couldn’t be committed to a relationship. There are a couple of obstacles standing in their way, but I think they should be together, man. I think that romance and life can be there even when people are a couple.”

Needless to say, the Castle-Beckett kiss was huge. Any other major events coming up for Castle and/or Beckett?

“We’re working on a two-part episode right now that has to do with possible terrorist activity. That one’s another high-stakes episode…It brings them as close to death as they’ve ever gotten in these episodes. That one, obviously, I think will be really appealing.

“And then the next episode that comes up sends Beckett and Castle to a club. It’s fun for me to see Beckett in that world. She’s seems very comfortable and very capable [laughs], and I think that catches Castle a little bit off-guard and probably also sends his imagination spinning.”

What’s your favorite Castle episode or moment?

“I like the ones that delve into Beckett’s past. Those are the most fun as an actor to play. So I loved ‘Sucker Punch’ and I loved ‘Knockdown.’ Those are really special ones. They reached into her mom’s murder. We got to see some of the people in her life, like her father.

“I felt like all the other characters in the story had really juicy parts, as well, especially in ‘Knockdown.’ Captain MontgomeryRyan and Esposito had really wonderful roles to play. And even Martha, especially in ‘Knockdown,’ showed a different color, a different side — a really grounded motherhood and love for Castle.”

Castle plots are really intricate, with lots of detective-y, crime-y dialogue. How long did it take to pick up on all the jargon?

“I think it took the whole first season to get comfortable with the detective gab. I mean, it’s not always easy. We oftentimes have new names. Sometimes we’re filming the scene where we’re talking about these suspects, victims without having filmed the scene of meeting them, you know? So not having that visual makes it difficult to talk about them sometimes.

“I remember last season, or maybe it was the first season, we did an episode that circled around five high school students, and one of them was the killer. [Season One, ‘Hedge Fund Homeboys’]. Nathan had to deliver a monologue that named every single one and connected them to the events of the murder in an interrogation setting. [Laughs] Really difficult, man. He was having a tough time, you know? I was laughing at the flashback of that moment. We laugh about it often. But that’s become the most difficult thing now, just organizing the new names in the episode. As far as cop jargon, that’s become easier after season one.”

Who is your dream Castle guest star?

“Daniel Day-Lewis. [Laughs]”

Does the Castle crew hang out together off of the set?

“Sometimes. We work really long hours, so sometimes I have to go hang out with friends that I haven’t seen in months. For Nathan and myself, and some of the other crew and cast, we’re there, you know, 16 hours a day. Sometimes it’s nice to go home. I see family, and I’m just like, ‘Who are you?’ [Laughs] The crew and cast at Castle becomes more of a reality than the people I’ve known all my life, you know?

“But we also take time. The other day Jon [Huertas] invited us all out to his favorite hamburger joint. Seamus [Dever], myself, Jon and Seamus’s wife all went and enjoyed a juicy hamburger and watched him gush over it.”

What’s your fave TV guilty pleasure?

“I’m kind of a book nerd. I work long hours, so I like to come home and read a book or watch a movie.”

What about a fave book, then?

“I do have a couple of favorite books. The Master and Margarita is one of the favorites. And another one is Zorba the Greek.”

Your role in the upcoming drama For Lovers Only looks like a far departure from Kate Beckett. Do you go out of your way to play wildly different characters?

“I’m not going out of my way to search for any characters that are different, I’m just looking for characters that are interesting and inspiring, and to work with actors and filmmakers that are inspiring. So if that ends up taking me in a different direction, that’s awesome. But it’s not about contrasting from Kate. It’s about enjoying the story and enjoying the character and the group of people that I’d be working with in a way that is creatively fulfilling.”

In the trailer for For Lovers Only, you take a spin on a motorcycle, and you’ve said before that you’re a bit of a daredevil. What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

“I’d get in trouble with my producers if I told you. [Laughs] I’m sure they’d be coming down knocking on my door and saying, ‘You’re not allowed to do that. Not on our clock.’ So why don’t we just leave it at that?”

Before acting, what did you do to pay the bills? What was your first or most bizarre job?

“I’ve had ones that I don’t think people would actually imagine happened. I sold furniture, and I sold it in Southern California. I ended up selling a mattress, I think, to Jack Black’s sister. I’m not sure if it was for him, or if it was for her. But anyway, the conversation was about that she was Jack Black’s sister. It was really cool. [Laughs]”