Lisa Edelstein on Working with Stana Katic and What Comes Next

After waiting all summer to see what Beckett’s response would be to Castle’s proposal and to the D.C. job, the answer ended up being one and the same: she said yes!

While viewers got to see Beckett accept Castle’s proposal, the episode quickly moved forward to Beckett safely settled in her new job, where she was partnered with Lisa Edelstein’s McCord.

“When I started, [CASTLE star] Stana [Katic] and I talked about it, and we talked about it with the showrunner [Andrew Marlowe], that we really wanted to make it feel like it was a spinoff show about another unit,” Edelstein told me. “So we had a whole world [established] so when Castle showed up, it was like one show invading another show…It wouldn’t be interesting, otherwise. We really wanted to make it as if this is a show about these two women working together.”

Thankfully, the show doesn’t fall into the overused trope of having strong women not able to work together.

“You figure two strong, beautiful women are at each other’s throats,” Edelstein noted. “That’s not the case!”

And Edelstein pointed out that the comfort Beckett and McCord have on-screen was partially due to Katic’s openness on set.

“We had a great time, and that’s really thanks to Stana,” Edelstein shared. “Because it was her set I walked on. And I walked on with lots of ideas and lots of energy, and that could have been really threatening or really inviting. And for Stana, it was really inviting, and she was totally into it, and we had a ton of fun working together.”

As for what comes next — now that Castle’s life is in danger — Edelstein teased the whole team will work together to figure out this case.

“Everyone is involved in saving Castle’s life,” she teased. “And in a way, it brings Castle closer to the investigation, because even he’s involved in saving his own life. Who could really complain about that?”

“I think because of the circumstances, McCord is the one that will back the idea of allowing Castle to participate,” she continued. “She’s not Beckett’s enemy. She’s only trying to make things possible for her. I feel like a lot of questions, especially the pre-first episode questions [from people who have not seen it], have expected an acrimonious relationship between the two women, but it’s not that. It’s not about that. It’s two women who like working with each other and want to support each other.”