Southwest Airlines Magazine: The If List

Stana Katic, if a picture paints a thousand words, what are you doing in that picture? I’m drawing myself into being and filling in the colors as I go.

If you could have created any one great work of art by another artist, what would it be ? “Jambi,” by Tool. Or the Trevi Fountain.

If you had to choose the most beautiful sentence ever written, what would it be?  I underline, highlight, and write all over my books. That being said, choosing “the one” is impossible. The poem “You Were Brave in that Holy War” by Hafiz is a deep and dear friend.

If you had to name the three biggest differences between you and Castle’s Detective Kate Beckett, what would they be? 1. Beckett has waaaay more trench coats than I do. 2. I’m faster in heels. 3. My weapon of choice would be the bow and arrow.

If you were in a band, what would it be called, what would you be playing, and what’s the song? The band: Arkhipov Saved the Planet. The instrument: accordion. The music: rock. The song: “Everything Makes Sense in France.” 

If you could have any meal delivered to your door right now, what would it be? My mom’s schnitzel, my brother’s bread, my uncle’s wine, and a cucumber salad.