Spain Presents its New Season, With ‘Absentia’ as a Big Bet

“We want to increase the emotional bond,” said the directors of the channel when presenting its four new series.


The chain AXN has presented its new season this Tuesday morning, with a battery of four new series, in an act to which Vertele has come .

Ignacio Zamacola, marketing director of the channel, has presented the event highlighting the new motto of the chain: “The new claim of AXN is ‘Pure character’ , and we want it to remain so. A collection of characters that make the channel.”


“We are excited about the new releases”

The director of the chain, Jorge Lezaun, has taken the floor to show his joy: “We are excited about the new releases , which reflect the characters with which we identified.”

Always bearing in mind this new motto, Lezaun has emphasized that “in the AXN series, which also tend to be autoconclusivas, the most relevant are the characters, it is they and their character who keep our weekly appointment with the spectators.”

The director added: “We want to increase the emotional bond that these characters have with our audience in Spain, who are also pure character.”


“The secret of AXN is a good character”

Carlos Herrán, director of the channel, wanted to point out that “a channel is the sum of many things. The secret in AXN is a good personage . It ends up reaching the public because it excites, connects and we live through them other lives and adventures “.

For this new season, he said: “We want something different, something that offers character, emotion, tension, that leaves us in suspense, a great conflict in which there is a life at stake and one or other protagonist has to solve it.”

“The public never ceases to ask for original and varied works. Historically we focus on the genre of police, but this time we open ourselves to other genres,” he has advanced, before going on to present each of his four new big bets.


Absentia with Stana Katic, the big bet

The most ambitious bet is “Absentia”, starring Stana Katic , famous for starring in “Castle”. “It’s the new production of AXN Networks for the whole world,” as Lezaun explained. “It’s our new original series, we take care of both good and bad consequences,” Herran joked.

“We are especially proud to have Stana Katic. It’s a series that radically changes registration with Castle,” added the director of programming, advancing that premieres this same Monday, 25th of September with double episodes.