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Stana Katic
Written by Stefan Tošovi?
Photo Menelaos Myrillas, Bob D’Amico, TV FOX
Life in Hollywood is not a fairytale

American actress of Serbian descent in exclusive interview for the Story, speaks about her everyday life in America, about what did she learned growing up in a large family, reveals when did she cried the last time and what can always give her an adrenaline rush.

Magazine Story had a privilege to speak with a girl who our medias describe like a Serb who seduced Hollywood. Actress Stana Katic (36) is the star of the popular ABC’s TV show Castle, which airs on FOX TV Serbia, and that arrangement gave her a chance to appear in some of the most watched American talk shows, where she proudly spoke about her roots from this part of the world.

She comes from the family of Petar and Rada Katic, Serbs from Croatia, who emigrated from ex Yugoslavia to America. Today she lives under the hill with Hollywood sign on it and proudly treads the red carpets of some prestigious premieres. With a charm and modest lady we met in Athens, where she promoted the beginning of the Castle’s seventh season in Europe. That was an opportunity to embark on the adventure of sketching a portrait of this artist, in the atmosphere where a few agents are taking a really good care for her.

Is this your first time in Greece and what usually makes you to visit the old continent?

-I was in Greek islands before, and now I am for the first time in the capital of this country. I like here, Athens is a pretty comfort for vacation though I’m here because of job. Generally, I visit Europe because of my job, but I recently visited some cousins in Serbia and Croatia.-

When you say “a job” on what specifically do you think?

-I’m in Athens for the promotion of Castle, which is obviously really popular on all the continents. I promote Castle in the medias and every single step of mine is planned, so the right word for a visit like this is -a job.-

The sixth season ended up on a way that your fans and the fans of the action can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. Can you reveal us something about the season seven?

-In a middle of July I’ll be back in America, so for me also it’s going to be a surprise to see what’s going to happen in the series. The information about what’s happening with detective Beckett I’ll have just a few weeks before the rest of the world find out.-

In Castle you play a role of a detective. So, in your private life do you love to explore and what can always give you an adrenaline rush?
-I am really curious. I love to feel the life, to enjoy in it, because the life give us a lot of things. I’m interested in history and learning about other cultures. Maybe I’m not a detective, like in the show, but I’m always trying to find the answer on the question – what it means to be alive creature on this world?-

Have you ever asked your parents about your name? How is that to name their daughter Stana?

– A lot of men in my family have name “Vuk”. That symbolize protection, because of a few of my ancestors who died young. My grandma was the first who got name Stana, because her parents wanted to stop all the misfortune that followed them in the past. (stani- is Serbo-Croatian for – stop; vuk – means wolf) –

You have four brothers and a sister. Growing up in a big family, did that make you stronger or you were spoiled, a brat?

-It’s wonderful to grow up in a big family, because I never had to search for someone to play with or hang around. I was always surrounded with a lot of people, and all of them were my family. It was really important to me to be the part of something, and I never was alone. I lived tucked between my brothers but I wouldn’t said that spoiled me. It made me to search for something that will make me unique. When you are in a group of people, you want to highlight yourself, to be unique.-

In American medias you talked a few times that you are proud of your roots and that you can’t wait to speak Serbian. In what situations you speak our language?

-Recently I was in Dalmatia and Serbia, which was a great opportunity to restore and remind of a few words that I forgot. People tell me I know a lot. I speak in Serbian when I talk to my relatives but I don’t have a lot of opportunities for that when I’m in LA.-

Life in Hollywood, is it really as glamorous as it looks like?

-Life in Hollywood is not a fairytale. Maybe you think it’s different, but I can tell you that there is a lot of hard working people in LA. They have a big and happy families. When it’s about acting, it’s turned into one big system that powered the city. You’ll be surprised to see how normal people are there.-

From your biography we can see that you are really dedicated to your career. You finished one prestigious acting school in Chicago and you are constantly in a mood to learn something new. Do you believe in knowledge or fate?

-I believe that through the knowledge we can affect to our fate. I think we can change our fate if we constantly invest in our life. We should be focused to education because that can be our support, backing. It’s not so smart to pin one’s faith on.-
Sport was a part of your life. You’ve trained karate. Is that responsible for your nice figure?

-As a kid I was really active. I was in a few sports but I never went further than amateurs. I was dedicated to ballet. I sure look better than what I would look like if I was never into some sport. Today, I have a less time for that but in my job you need to be in a good shape, so I’m trying to have a trainings adjusted to my free time and obligations.-

Do you love fashion and how much you pay attention on your look when you are at the other side of a camera?

-Of course I like fashion. I am fascinated with blouses, women’s shirts and dresses. Some of those clothes pieces I even tried to sew. Sometimes I like to experiment, sometimes I fit into the actual trends but you can usually see me in some classic clothes pieces. That depends of my daily mood.-

When have you cried last time and why?

-I’m trying to think… I read something in a book but it was not some my private thing, that book was guilty for my tears. Otherwise, I am tough.-

With intention to meet you better, can you tell us what’s your favorite food and color?

-I love pasta, especially macaroni, the smell of tasty bread. I also like salads and all what’s green in the kitchen. For example, I like chard. I love what Dalmatians call “pura” I think you call it “ka?amak” (it’s polenta). You’ll tell me it’s not really healthy but I’m not upset about it. I eat a lot of vegetables, I have to. Sometimes, the visual segment is important to me. When we talk about colors, I never could choose just one color or just one shade of a color that I like. But if I have to choose, I love the lemon color and the color of a sea.-

At the end, I’m sorry to be a little bit cliche but do you have a message for your fans in Serbia?

-I’m going to say that in Serbian. Greetings to all of you in Serbia. For those who lost their homes in floods I send a lot of love. I support you and kiss you!-