Stana Katic: Beckett is a Character that I’m Proud of

Actress Stana Katic, who played detective Kate Beckett for eight seasons in the comedy-crime series “Castle”, says she is proud of that character.

“Kate Beckett is a character that I am proud of. I personally don’t feel any pressure to ‘break away from the image of Kate Beckett’. I think back to that character very fondly,” Katic told IANS.

She is now busy working on the second season of “Absentia” in which she plays Emily Byrne.

“I am doing my best to give Emily as much heart and energy as any character I play or story that I tell. Throughout the time that I was on ‘Castle’, I was doing features almost every single hiatus so, I would jump out of the ‘Castle’ world regularly,” said “The Possession of Hannah Grace” actress.

Asked how many seasons she would like “Absentia” to have, Katic said: “I don’t have a specific number. I think as long as we tell a good story and finish it off strong… I feel like you have to know when to end…at a stage where the audience still wants more.

“So, I’d like to have one more season certainly and I think then we will see where we stand as a company.”

“Absentia” revolves around Byrne, who was earlier declared dead. The first season showed how the FBI agent tried to reclaim her family, identity and innocence while finding herself the prime suspect in a string of murders.