Stana Katic On Why and How She Plays Kate Beckett In ‘Castle’

She is the no-nonsense and intense Detective Kate Beckett in the popular crime series Castle. An email chat with the Serb-Croatian actress Stana Katic…

How has it been playing Kate Beckett in Castle?

I relate to Kate Beckett in a lot of ways. I think she is a strong, independent, career-driven woman who is not afraid to show her feminine side. At the same time, we differ in that I am more of a free spirit and perhaps less “by the book” than she is.

What about the character that attracted you?

It was a really strong and fun character. I enjoyed the dynamics between the characters in the pilot, and loved the idea of learning stunts and performing action sequences.

What kind of research has gone into playing Beckett?

I am a method actor, so when I landed the role I travelled to New York, solved a homicide involving a zoo keeper and two escaped orangutans from Central Park Zoo. Then I bought myself a police badge and practised pulling it out in front of the mirror roughly 48 times!

What’s it like to work with the cast of Castle?

It’s all about the people you work with. If it’s a great working environment it makes the job all that much easier. Not only is the cast fantastic but the crew as well. Everyone is an absolute joy to work with here and when you are fifteen hours into a day, that is what makes all the difference.

When you get along with and work well with other actors it is easy to have a good chemistry because you have a natural affinity with them. That is what it is like working with the entire cast, we are now all great friends and so working together on camera comes easily.

There is a lot of physicality that comes with the character. You also mentioned in an interview that you look at her as a female superhero. Has it been comfortable playing someone like that?

Like I said, it was a very strong character. I enjoyed playing her and doing all the action stunts that you don’t see women on television do so often. I believe a woman can be strong, intelligent, sexy and feminine. I consciously pushed Beckett in that direction because I believe it is important to show a woman in that light. And the audiences have certainly responded in a positive manner. I am always receiving wonderful comments from women and even men who find it refreshing to see a modern woman in such a positive and relevant way.

How would you like Beckett’s character to develop in subsequent seasons?

For Beckett, in particular, audiences will learn more about the backstory of her mother’s murder. We also get deeper into her personal life.

Was playing a Canadian agent in the Bond film Quantum of Solace a defining moment in your career?

Every role is defining for me because with each new character you learn new things, and you harness your craft in different ways.

Viewers in India are eagerly waiting for Season 3 of Castle. Can you give us a preview of what’s in store in this season?

New love interests will be introduced for both Castle and Beckett and we get to see them grow closer than ever before. There is a Castle “engagement” to look forward to and more fun, exotic murders to solve.

Who is Kate Beckett?

Beckett is a detective with the Twelfth Precinct Homicide Squad of the New York City Police Department. After a murder in the first episode has allusions to a similar case in a book called Flowers For Your Grave written by celebrity author Richard Castle (played by Nathan Fillion), the latter is brought in to help Beckett in the case. Castle then uses his influence to stick on and write a series of novels based on Beckett, her alter-ego being named Nikki Heat. Beckett’s intensely private nature is attributed to the mystery surrounding her mother’s death. Castle manages to break through Beckett’s self-imposed barrier and in time, a relationship develops between the two, as they continue partnering each other in solving one case after another.

Since it first went on air in 2009, Castle has been nominated for four Emmys. Stana Katic has earned a Satellite nomination for Best Actress in a Drama Series.