Stana Katic Spent 3 Months in Bulgaria Filming ‘Absentia’

Stana Katic, who many people know as Detective Kate Beckett from Castle, is facing a new adventure, this time in Bulgaria. She was here shooting the new series Absentia (Forgotten). Katic is also an executive producer of the show. Absentia will air in Bulgaria on 27/09 at 9 pm on AXN. We’ll also see some familiar Bulgarian actors, Snezhana Makaveeva as a Russian striptease girl , Alex Alexiev as a doctor, Borislava Stratieva as Violet.

This was Katic’s second visit to Bulgaria. During her days off, she managed to get acquainted with some of the local traditions. She posted photos from the National Archeology Museum, Krakra Fortress and the Museum of Socialist Art on her Instagram account. “Sometimes I just feel like walking around the streets, it’s so beautiful in Bulgaria. I was recognised only once, by two sweet girls on the subway. It’s easy to shoot movies here, people are so good natured and kind, they respect your personal space”, said Mrs Katic during her press conference to Bulgarian and European media.

In Absentia, Stana Katic plays the role of FBI Agent Emily Byrne, who’s investigating a brutal serial killer in Boston. His trademark was cutting off his victims’ eyelids. Suddenly she becomes one of the victims, but her body is never found. Emily disappears without a chance to say goodbye to her husband and her 2 y.o son Flynn.

Also starring Patrick Heusinger, who played the villain in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, and Patrick McAuley, who had a part in The Conjuring 2. Cara Theobold, known for Ivy Stuart in Downton Abbey, portrays Alice (Nick’s new wife and the only mother Flynn knows) as supportive and understanding. “I think my mother instincts is very important to my character. I have no children myself, but I do have a younger brother. So I cling to the feelings I have for him and try to recreate them on screen,” says Theobold. Getting into the role of Alice is a challenge and different from Ivy Stuart. She had her own limitations – status in society, rules she had to obey because of her gender. Alice is the opposite.

Katic took the role of Emily very seriously. Although presumed dead, she is, in fact, alive. 6 years after her symbolic funeral, her husband gets a call at midnight directing him to an abandoned cabin. There, in the basement, in a tank filled with water, he finds Emily. Although barely alive, it’s clear she’s been subjected to severe torture. In order to portray her character as realistically as possible, Katic met with victims of kidnapping. “I don’t know if you’re familiar with these types of crime. Some young girls are being kept against their will for more than a decade. We are shooting Absentia in the Balkans, and here people survive in an amazing way, in terrible circumstances. I believe that feeling is passed onto the crew, walking on these lands, filled with so much history. History that’s vibrating inside its people. It’s really amazing!”

She is glad Emily turned out to be a fighter. “I didn’t want to play a victim. Emily is both a mother and a fighter. And I thought, Wow, I don’t know if there are many such female roles”. Another challenge for Katic was the role of a parent. She watched videos of lionesses and was fascinated by the fearlessness in which they protected their babies. “That’s how the animals do it. When they feel this adrenaline, they understand what they’re capable of and do the impossible to protect their child.”

Ralph Ineson, who fans know from Game of Thrones, stars as the head of the FBI office in Boston. He was Emily’s partner when she was abducted. “I believe he feels a great deal of guilt because she called him for backup and he was stuck in a jam. That’s why he couldn’t help her when she needed him most. In the meantime, he was promoted. During all those years he kept in touch with Emily’s family and once she was found, headed the investigation, looking for the killer.”

Neil Jackson, from Westworld and Sleepy Hollow, is Emily’s brother. “My character was a respected surgeon, but when his sister disappeared without a trace, he started drinking and lost his license. He’s been struggling to get his life together and overcome his drinking addiction. But once Emily is found, he goes back to drinking. He’s been jealous of his sister his entire life, because she was adopted and he was the biological son. She’d always been more loved than him. He doesn’t want Emily back,” says Jackson.

Israeli model Angel Bonanni plays Detective Tommy Gibbs. He’s the first one to come across the bodies with cut eyelids, but the FBI interferes and takes jurisdiction.