Stana Katic talks ‘Castle’ romance: ‘It’s gonna get naughty soon’

Stana Katic recently dished about the big romance on “Castle” at the Paley Fest on March 9 and teased that things between the two lead characters might get “naughty.”

In the show, 33-year-old Katic plays New York City Detective Kate Beckett and Nathan Fillion plays mystery writer Rick Castle. Together the two solve crimes in the city while trying to balance and hide their feelings towards each other. The two characters have kissed and Castle even professed his love to an injured Beckett but the characters have never been a couple.

“Get ready boys and girls, get ready,” Katic told “It’s going to get naughty soon.”

While Katic stayed quiet about what she meant, creator Andrew Marlowe teased to The Hollywood Reporter that “there will come a moment when the two will come together and there are plenty of story after.” He later added, “It’s 2012, people fall into bed … all the time.”

Katic also talked about what viewers will see on the series in future episodes. “We have an episode coming up that based on ‘Dancing With The Stars,'” she said. “And then we’ll be doing a James Bond-ey type one. Yeah, Scotland Yard comes to New York City.”

Viewers might have noticed that Detective Beckett has been looking a bit more fashionable in recent seasons. Katic said the change in Beckett’s style “was something that I felt was true to form.”

“Women from New York are extremely fashionable, she grew up in Manhattan and I feel that she could be fashion friendly and still be a woman in charge,” the actress added. “I don’t think that you have to eliminate your femininity when you’re in a position of power. I think that’s true for Beckett and so it was really nice to incorporate some of that this year and last year as well.”