Stana Katic Wants Beckett and Castle to Make Out

Monday’s episode of “Castle,” “Killshot,” is one of the show’s most intense.  When Beckett investigates a sniper, it brings back memories of her own shooting. It’s tense, suspenseful, and a little bit scary. Stana Katic explains why Beckett has to deal with her PTSD before she can be with Castle, why Beckett is wearing so many turtlenecks this season, and why she can’t wait for Beckett and Castle’s secrets to be exposed.

How does this case impact Beckett?
There’s a sniper on the loose in New York City and Beckett and the gang are committed to bringing the sniper to justice. But it echoes back to the season ending for season three which Beckett got shot by a sniper. So she is forced to face a dormant demon, her own PTSD and try to work through that. It’s a huge step forward I think for her as a character and also a ginormous step towards the Beckett and Castle  final union, I think.

Is Beckett’s memory of Castle telling her he loved her part of her PTSD?
Her PTSD doesn’t have to do with him telling her he loved her, it has to do with getting shot, but it’s a season of secrets. She knows that he said what he said, that he loves her, and over the summer she realized that if she doesn’t solve her mom’s murder she’s not going to be able to fully invest in a relationship. In fact, she hasn’t fully invested in a relationship since that experience. She doesn’t want to screw things up with Castle. She’s really wants to dive in and dive in fully. So she’s committed to solving it and hopefully being able to experience the two of them together. Castle, on the other hand, is committed to keeping her from solving it because he knows that someone is after her and if she starts going down that rabbit hole again [she’s in danger.] These two huge secrets work in contradiction to each other’s purposes and they’re both doing what they think is in the best interest of them finally getting together. It’s a really beautiful unrequited love story. I think this episode leads us one step closer to the two of them getting together in that she has to face her greatest fear. She almost lost her life and she’s not able to control this emotional experience which is unusual for her because she’s so often the tip of the spear and moving the case forward. She’s usually in control and she can’t do it this time. She needs to get the help of friends around her. I think when she finishes this episode she comes to the realization that the choices that she’s made so far, although they’ve been out of the goodness of her heart and coming from a strong sense of justice, they’ve also been preventing her from living her life fully and experiencing the gifts of her life. One of them ends up being a relationship with Castle.

This episode focuses on the Beckett and Esposito relationship, with him using his Special Forces background to help her deal with her emotions about the sniper. What does his friendship mean to Beckett?
I love working with John Huertas. I had a really special experience working on those scenes with him. I thought he brought it. You’re only as good as the actor you’re working off of so to have him there and know that he’s going to carry and deliver more than is expected was wonderful. We see the two of them. We see how close they are and we also see that Esposito is a huge resource and friend and almost takes on a mentorship space for Beckett in going through this experience. He’s the only one that can help her walk through it because he’s been through it. It’s such a solitary experience. You need somebody else who understands what you’re thinking and experiencing in order to walk out of that.

Beckett’s dressing more conservatively this season. As she deals with the PTSD, is she going to go back to her old style?
The wardrobe is always reflective of what’s going on on the inside. She covers up a lot more this season. We’ll see what happens in future episodes. I’m watching it and reading along with you guys.

Are all the secrets going to come out by the end of the season?
I hope so. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I want the two of them together and making out.