Stana Talks Cheeky ‘Castle’ Premiere

It was a moment four seasons in the making, and one everyone agreed could no longer be avoided. But what lies in wait now that Castle & Beckett have spent the night in each other’s post-coital arms? A lot of cheeky comedy according to star Stana Katic.

She was positively giddy while discussing the chain of events that gets kicked off with tonight’s season premiere — an episode that also serves up a pretty sizable clue in Kate’s ongoing search for her mother’s murderer! What was your reaction when Andrew Marlowe [creator] told you that Beckett and Castle would finally get together at the end of season four?
Stana Katic: Good! [laughs] We just couldn’t drag that tension out any more and have people stay invested in the relationship. These characters had gone through so much and it was time. I think it was a good payoff and the fans seemed to like it, which is always nice. What excites you about playing Kate in this relationship?
Stana: As an actor, it’s an opportunity to explore more of the character. We’ve seen Kate in relationships in the past, but it’s always been from a peripheral viewpoint. Now we’re in it with both of them. It’s exciting because this is the kind of story that creates opportunity to understand the more intimate sides of a person, whether it’s sensual or vulnerable. They are each other’s best friends, they’re working companions and now they’re lovers. That’s an extra shade that I think will add to some wonderful complications and subtext to things that traditionally go on in any kind of crime drama. Some fans feel that last year was a bit too dark — what do you think?
Stana: I think that we did a really nice job last year of exploring depths and some of the darker side of our characters – this year is equally exciting because it’s cheeky. I don’t favor one over the other, but I love that our show rides both ends of the spectrum. Much of the heavy tone was set by Kate’s search for her mother’s killer. How much of that storyline plays out in the start of season five?
Stana: In tonight’s episode, we get a massive piece of information. What’s wonderful is, traditionally, I think Kate would have had more of an emotional reaction, but we we’ll discover in the first episode that she’s thinking very clearly and because of that, she’s much more lethal. That’s something Captain Montgomery was trying to teach her when she first started and I think she finally learned that. She’s now much more dangerous to those people who killed her mother. Should fans expect a resolution to that storyline this season?
Stana: There’s a resolution of sorts, but that doesn’t mean the story ends. It’s that classic hero fights evil story. Batman always knows The Joker is evil, but it doesn’t mean evil stops existing once you realize what it is and where it is — you have to constantly fight it. What’s exciting is that, for all the information she gets, she isn’t going to jump at it in a thoughtless manner. She’s going to think it through so when she does go to take it down, it’s going to be final. It’s going to be really powerful. But it’s a really big mountain. It’s not a small hill, so we’re creating a new chapter for that story, but it’s not necessarily the end for the whole story. You’ve now convinced me Kate Beckett is secretly Batman.
Stana: Then I’ve done my job [laughs]. When you look at season five, what are you most excited for fans to see?
Stana: I’m genuinely most excited by how cheeky this season is. I think that the stories have their tongues firmly stuck in their cheeks. We’re inside the relationship this season, we get to enjoy and savor what it means to be in a new relationship with two formidable characters. He’s very charming, she’s very powerful and they both have extraordinary points of view. Those viewpoints won’t always be in alignment, and that adds a wonderful conflict. When you add the extra layer of lovers fighting, that’s the best foreplay out there.