Stana Talks Documentary Episode of ‘Castle’ and Fans – Video

After four seasons of romantic tension, writer Rick Castle (played by Nathan Fillion) and Detective Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic) finally revealed their feelings to each other and got together to the delight of many TV fans. The couple, however, are still hiding their relationship from their co-workers.

Up next this season, the show will change up its format a bit for an episode featuring a documentary crew that turns its cameras on Castle, Beckett and their fellow NYPD detectives while the team attempts to investigate the murder of the lead guitarist of a rock band.

The episode, called “Swan Song,” is set to air on November 12 and Katic talked just before a Q&A session to about the episode, the show’s romance and Detective Beckett’s wardrobe. But first, the actress talked about the show’s devoted fan base.

“In general I have some really great experiences with the fans from ‘Castle.’ I think that they’re a great bunch. We’ve been very fortunate,” Katic said about her past interactions with fans. “People invest in the show and they’re excited to see people that they see weekly in front of them and I think they invested in the show in a way that sustained us. So to be able to engage with them on a certain level is a privilege.”

Katic has talked about her character’s evolving fashion sense in the past and said at Paley Fest earlier this year that Beckett’s style “was something that I felt was true to form.”

“I think in the very early stages of the show, we were telling a story where we very clearly needed to communicate to audiences that she was a detective,” Katic told in her recent interview. “Since then the character has unfolded more in front of the audience and is able to explore a lot. Explore a lot of wonderful storylines and her looks have of course maybe softened and been a little bit more adventurous from time to time and I think that we’ve got more permission now.”

“She is a girl. She is from Manhattan. She grew up there, so there’s an allowance when you’ve had that kind of history,” she added. “I think that the fact that she’s in charge and that she’s a detective doesn’t mean that she has to be ignoring her femininity.”

Katic also spoke about this current season, which she said has been “a really fun season to play.”

“I think after four seasons these characters growing individually, learning more about each other, we finally have the permission for the two of them to be together and really enjoy each other,” she said. “And I think the audience is so invested — or I hope — so invested in their individual journeys that the pay off for them to be together … it’s richer and I think we can enjoy the nuances that the writers are creating between these two characters and the fun kind of rollercoaster that any first year romance happens to be.”

The “Swan Song” episode also features guest star C. Thomas Howell of “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Southland” as the leader of the cult the guitarist belonged to but wanted to get out of. Katic said the documentary crew aspect of the episode provided a challenge for her because she had to speak directly to the camera in some scenes.

“As an actor it was interesting to try to play with another character because the camera became a character and it was the first time in the history of the series where we actually looked at camera and talked to camera,” she said. “That was really weird because you spend a lot of time avoiding camera.”

“This is the first time we’re actually chatting with camera and then my character of course has a problem of staring at the camera and wants to try to avoid it and everybody else is just ham and cheesing it up for camera,” she added. “So it was fun, it was really neat to play with that style of filming and to dance almost with our camera guys for the first time. They became another person in the show. It was nice. Interesting.”