Jan 29, 14

Programme.TV Interview – “I Prefer to Embody a Strong Woman”

Just like her costar Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic won out in the Grand Prix des Séries 2014 as the clear favourite of Télé 2 semaines’ readers. The Castle heroine is proud to play a headstrong woman in the show, airing on France 2.

There’s a love story between Beckett and Castle, but also between you and the readers of Télé 2 semaines…

I am honoured. It motivates me to work even harder on my character and give it my all! Every time I come to France, your fellow countrymen always welcome me very warmly.

Your character Kate is a woman who doesn’t let men dictate what she does. Could you have played a submissive girl?

You can play anything. But as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather play a strong woman because I grew up in a family and environment where letting others push you around was not an option! It’s not just Kate’s physical appearance that makes her sexy, it’s also how efficient and brave she is in her job. A few years ago, a woman like her wouldn’t have been given a chance to shine on TV. It shows how far society has come, but it doesn’t mean women should become completely emasculating to other characters either.

I hear the NYPD is part of your fan club?

I’ve met detectives several times in New York and LA and they were always tremendously nice to me. They let me observe their day to day routine and I even got to tag along with some of them. They showed me files of ongoing cases, and explained to me that the most important thing was to always build an iron-clad case. It’s essential that your conclusions and the evidence you present be unquestionable.

Or else what?

You get taken off the case or worse, the case is closed by the judge. None of the cops I talked to was willing to risk the culprit avoiding prison because of a loose end.

Translation by alakazamkatebecks