Nov 17, 18

SOS Children’s Village in Bulgaria Welcomes Stana Katic

11/12/2018 – On November 4, SOS Children’s Village of Tryavna turned into a small filming ground. The reason – Stana Katic, the star of Castle and Absentia, and part of her team currently taking part in the second season of Abssentia, organized a cinema workshop for children from SOS host families in the children’s village.

Within the workshop, children had the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the magic of cinema. They first took one or two lessons in acting with Stana Katic and Matthew Le Nevez. Then they took part in the crazy games of Sophie Shushkova, the owner of “Blenders”, a school for children-actors. Then came the stage and the visual effects – there were tattoos, scars, a complete makeover … And just when kids thought they had seen everything, François Kötzer, who was responsible for the cascades in the series, surprised them great. Together with his colleagues, he ran a rope trolley in the village. The most extreme downhill and unforgettable experience for the children followed.

At the separation, Stana Katic delivered countless gifts to the children. She and her team returned, filled with positive emotions from the meeting with the children, and the children were enthusiastic – now most girls want to become actresses and makeup artists, and the boys are stuntmen. We only have to make their dreams come true.


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