Feb 26, 15

Stana Katic: From Playing a Badass Detective to Being a Caring Actress

Stana Katic is a Canadian-born actress, best known for her role as Detective Beckett in the TV show Castle. As anyone who works in the Hollywood industry, she has the typical responsibilities as attending events or interviews but can also be seen as a hard worker due to always finding time to think of others and helping them.

To Katic, children are very important as they are the future of humanity and, perhaps because of their innocence they have the ability to absorb everything, good and bad. That’s why the young actress is in favor of these children to grow up in a safe environment
and that’s why one of the institutions that Stana supports is The Children’s Hospital (located in Los Angeles). This is a hospital which aims to give children a good health service through research, development and implementation of technological equipment that may support the health of the kids. To make a donation click here.

On the other side, Stana supports the care of the environment which is why in 2010 she founded a nonprofit organization called Alternative Travel Project. It is described as an initiative to motivate people around the world to get out of the bubble of their cars and use different kinds of public transportation such as bus, train, subway, bicycle, skateboard, skates or just walking. The choice to use a different means of transportation has great impacts on the local economy, health, community and the environment. All those who decide to leave their cars at least once a week are putting their bit to decrease pollution while enjoying both people and landscapes that surround them while feeling better, physically and emotionally.

Lately, the organization grew a lot and has many targets to meet, and that’s why they need our help. There are three ways to help Alternative Travel Project:

1- By donating in the following linkhttp://www.alternativetravelproject.com/donations

2- A few days ago the organization created a profile on Ebay to auction products and experiences, such as a Meet & Greet with the founder (Stana) and with other actors from the cast of Castle.

3- And if you can not donate, another way to support the project is looking for transportation alternatives and try to persuade others wanting to walk around their cities without cars.

For more info check out ATP’s social media :