Feb 19, 18

Stana Katic on Finding Her Voice in Hollywood

On whether she feels there is a bit of a societal pressure now happening finally:

This is an exciting, wonderful gift we are being given. It’s not just women. It’s minorities. It’s people who perhaps have different sexualities. An underrepresented group, suddenly gets representation in a position of decision making that has reverberating effects across the globe.

For that reason, our stories will only become more and more interesting. We will have a broader range of stories to tell. I want to see those stories. I want to see the stories about the Deep South and I want to see the stories from minority groups in the middle of Thailand or what not. I want to see those stories, those are true. I relate to those stories because those are human stories and it’s not man/woman, black/white, Asian/European, those are human stories. That’s my soapbox.

On whether she has found her voice especially as an executive producer of “Absentia” and after her abrupt exit from “Castle”:

Do I think I found my voice? Good question. I feel like I am growing constantly. I feel like I am learning and understanding what it means to take on these different positions and roles in filmmaking and in entertainment. I am fortunate to be partnered up with Sony on this project because they have been so welcoming. A lot of our Executive Producers are women and I think that they have just approached it in a very kind of, let’s come to the table, best idea wins sort of way and that is a really wonderful and really comfortable space to work from. So I feel like I am growing into what it means to have that voice and be that collaborator and truly trying to be the best partner that I can in that situation.