Mar 04, 15

Stana Katic Shows How One Person Can Make a Difference

Actress Stana Katic is most famous for the co-starring role of Detective Kate Beckett on ABC’s Castle. She also wow’s people with her stunning beauty and fashion sense when walking the red carpets of various entertainment events.  However, Katic is more than a talented actress and pretty face.   You would think the long hours it takes to film Castle – there are often 12 to 16 hour days – would be enough to tire a person out.   Not Stana Katic!  In  her spare time she has taken her concerns about our environment and taken steps to make a difference in repairing it via her global initiative, The Alternative Travel Project(ATP) which encourages people to go car-free for just one day. (For more on ATP check out the website:

On March 2nd, 2015, the Alternative Travel Project hosted an important event in Los Angeles called “In Her Shoes.”  It was a salon/seminar that facilitated discussion about the safety of women using the Los Angeles public transportation system. This event was not a celebrity chat.  It involved people within the larger Los Angeles community that could really provide information on how use of public transportation helps the environment and ways to make the transit system a safer experience for women.

“In Her Shoes” was co-sponsored by Metro Los Angeles ( the transit and transportation agency for Los Angeles County).  Among the panel members were: The Head of Transit Policing Division – Chief Ronene Anda, Professor James Haw – director of environmental studies as USC, Shauna Nep – Director of Community and Innovation at The Goldhirsh Foundation. (Learn more about what the foundation is about

One innovative part of this event was the using of the hashtag “inhershoes” on twitter, which invited people who were and weren’t at the seminar to share their own stories and issues with public transportation and women’s safety. This was a serious discussion about not just identifying the issues, but offering suggestions for solutions.  Here are just a few of the tweets from the evening:

Talking Millenials, tech & environmental impacts with of & Prof Haw of USC

This seems interesting! Here in Rio, we have “women only” cars for peak hours.

. asks how riders can provide input on transit service. Answer: email!

I love the watching the character of Kate Beckett take down the bad guys.  However, I love reading about Stana Katic working to get us all involved in saving the planet – one car-free day at a time even more.  In this case, truth is definitely better than fiction.