Oct 21, 14

Stana Talks Castle & ATP at EMA’s

Meanwhile, Castle star Stana Katic brought her sister, Gigi, a physical therapist who was in town from Chicago. The statuesque beauty spent her summer in Florence, Italy, where she was shooting the film The Tourist. “I [lived on] gelato and pasta, and it was amazing,” she gushed. “I loved being able to walk everywhere and see art. It was like having your eyeballs on constant stimulation.”

Now that she’s back shooting Castle, what can fans expect in the coming weeks aside from that all-important wedding? Well, a throwback to the Wild, Wild West for one. “There’s a Wild West episode,” revealed Katic. “I’m in costume, and it’s probably one of my favorites ever. It’s super awesome, like Raquel Welch meets Clint Eastwood!”

Meanwhile, Katic had no idea that her show was a recent plot point on The Mindy Project this season when Dr. Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) becomes intrigued with the show after her boyfriend’s mother (Rhea Pearlman) reveals she’s obsessed with it. “That is so cool,” said a shocked Katic. “I had no idea, but I love that we’re part of [pop] culture like that!”

The EMAs—now in its 25th year—recognize various film and television programs for outstanding contributions to environmental causes and green initiatives. This year’s event, which was held at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, honored New Girl and Parenthood (Revenge and Castle were also nominated) for environmentally friendly television. (In this case, it was the New Girl episode where Jess complains about the waste of paper to print Chinese food menus, and Parenthood won for the outdoors curriculum story line that Julia Graham was involved with at her kids’ school.)

The event, which also has a street fair-esque after-party on the Warner Bros. back lot, brought out Malin Ackerman, Darby Stanchfield, Lamorne Morris, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Rob Corddry, and others. So we had to ask: When it comes to being friendlier to the environment, what’s the one thing we can all do to save money and be eco-friendly?

Malin Ackerman: “I have solar panels. I drive a hybrid car. We turn off light switches, which is very exciting for [my son] Sebastian. Unplug all your chargers when you’re not using them.”

Stana Katic: “I started an initiative called the Alternative Travel Project, which is aimed at getting people out of their cars. You experience amazing new things when you get out and walk. You meet new people, see new stores, and it’s great for the environment.”