When we featured Stana Katic on the Jan. 26 cover of TV Weekly, we had an inkling about her popularity and the strong fanbase for the television show Castle.

A few weeks earlier, we received a note from a subscriber in Innsbrook, MO, who explained that he and his friends thoroughly enjoy watching Castle together Monday nights on ABC. He then asked if we would feature their favorite detective, Stana Katic, on the TV Weekly cover.

We were happy to oblige, and ran the story called Queen of the Castle: Stana Katic Says Camaraderie is Key to the Show’s Success in the magazine and on this website.

We then got a much deeper appreciation for Stana Katic’s popularity and learned much more about her legion of “Stanatics.” Our webiste traffic spiked. Emails poured in. And Stanatics were retweeting the story.

We thought Stana might want to know about this, and when we called, we asked if she would answer a few questions from her fans on Twitter.

She agreed, of course, and we had more than 200 questions in no time. Stana couldn’t answer each Tweet, so she tried to answer the most common questions. We’ve provided five questions with Stana’s answers below and we will post another five Q&As tomorrow. Then on Friday, you’ll see another TV Weekly cover which includes Stana.

To all of you who Tweeted questions, thank you. Here we go…

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