Oct 22, 15

Why the Female Leads on ‘Castle’ are Women to Look Up To

ABC’s Castle is definitely one of the most underrated shows on television. It has been running for six years and just entered its eighth season, yet has never received a single Emmy nomination for anything other than music, hair and makeup. This makes sense, seeing as most viewers were Nathan Fillion fans who followed him from Firefly. Castle definitely has a cult following. And while those who don’t watch the show are missing out on something great, what makes it even more unfair is that they’re missing out on some of the greatest and most underrated female characters on TV right now.

Let’s start with the main character, Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic (who is a superhero herself, but that’s another article). Kate is one of the youngest women to ever become a detective for the NYPD. She’s beautiful, smart and good at what she does. The best part about her, however, is not her accomplishments, but how human she is. Kate isn’t a character that will make women viewers feel inferior because they’re not as good as she is. Just because she seems perfect doesn’t mean she is. Kate has taken a bullet to the chest and stayed alive yet suffered from PTSD for months afterwards. Kate has literally sewn herself together after being shot yet reacted like a coward to the events following it. She is a person with strengths and flaws and that’s what makes her such a good role model.

My favorite part about Kate has to do with something brought up many times throughout the series: her high heels. Kate has chased down criminals in six inch heels and never stumbled. This is so important because there’s a stereotype that says that a woman cannot be sexy and smart. Masculine characteristics are favored over feminine ones, whether portrayed by a woman or a man. Kate wearing heels steps on (pun intended) the idea that if a female shows femininity in any way, she is inferior and weak. Kate’s heels are a part of what makes her strong, they don’t take away from it.

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