Mar 09, 15

Why You Should Always Invest in Outerwear

3. Stana Katic‘s “Super-Coat” on Castle

“The biggest joy for me is to take an actor to the mall,” says Perez. “I met Stana Katic at the Saks in Beverly Hills, where there’s like five floors of clothes. We went through every floor trying on things and then, at the same time, came across this green leather, double-breasted, wide-lapeled DVF trench coat. I put it on her, and we were both like, ‘Super-coat!’ It was perfect because she’s playing a detective in New York, and it just gave us a starting point for her character. The person that wears this coat: What blazer does she wear? Does she wear it casual? Does she wear it with slacks? It’s such a defining point in the show.”