Jan 05, 15

Articles & Teasers for Castle 7×11 “Castle, P.I.”


Having been banned from working with the NYPD due to his “mob ties,” Rick sets up shop as a private investigator, “and part of that is driven by his desire to work with Beckett,” says showrunner David Amann. In fact, husband and wife will chase the same case in the winter premiere, “and of course it will not go entirely smoothly” — though it does do wonders for their love life! Beyond that, Episode 12 will dive into the world of telenovelas and guest-star Nathan Fillion’s One Life to Live pal Kamar de los Reyes; a Ryan-centric outing is on the books for later in the season; and the February sweeps two-parter will tackle a “big case,” bring back 24′s Annie Wersching as Dr. Kelly Nieman and touch upon the ongoing mystery of Rick’s vanishing/amnesia.

RETURN DATE: Monday, Jan. 12 at 10/9c (ABC)


Castle Spoilers: A Time Jump, A Kind of Sexy Gift and More

The wait it nearly over, Castle Fanatics.

In one week, ABC will air “Castle P.I,” the 2015 premiere of this ABC drama that will find Castle not working at the 12th precinct for a (major) change.

How will the character and the series adjust?

I’ve already seen the episode and (SPOILER WARNING!), I’ve posted a number of teases and tidbits below…

  • If you liked Castle Season 2 Episode 2, “The Double Down” you’ll probably enjoy “Castle P.I.”
  • Yes, there’s been a time jump of several weeks where Castle has been home, mostly in his pj’s.
  • Despite working on his own as a Private Investigator, half the fun is watching Castle get creative in order to work with Beckett.
  • Not only does Castle have to work around Capt. Gates orders that there be no sharing of information, Perlmutter makes things even more difficult.
  • There’s an accusation of “cheating” which is actually quite funny.
  • I experienced two real laugh out loud moments and lots of goofy smiles during this episode.
  • Kate gives Rick a gift that only Richard Castle could make sexy.

Does Castle have a shot at solving his first case before the team at the 12th? Well, as Ryan says, he got Beckett to marry him so pretty much anything is possible.

You won’t want to miss Castle Season 7 Episode 11, “Castle P.I.” scheduled to air Monday, January 12 on ABC at 10/9c.

And if you need to catch up, you can watch Castle online any time here at TV Fanatic.


7 Things to Know About “Castle, P.I.”

The holiday hiatus is finally over and that means ABC’s Castle is about to hit our screens again one week from today.

When we last checked in with our favorite sleuthing duo, it appeared their joint sleuthing days might be finally over, following Rick’s tricky involvement with the mob, and his subsequent ban from the 12th precinct.

“Castle P.I.” sees Rick going solo as a newly minted private investigator. However when his and Beckett’s investigation into the murder of an admissions director at a prestigious feeder school clash, the sparks soon fly.

Thanks to our friends at ABC, we’ve seen the episode a little earlier than most. If you’re a regular reader of our ScreenSpy articles then you’ll know we don’t go for revealing spoilers that would otherwise ruin your enjoyment of the episode (we want you to enjoy it as much as we did) but we can provide you with a number of teasers to get you in the mood for some plot-twisting, quip-flying, investigation-trumping fun come Monday.

Without further ado, here are 7 things (one for each season of Castle) to know about Jan. 12th’s “Castle, P.I.”

Read teasers HERE


CASTLE: ‘Castle, P.I.’ You Ask, I Answer

2015 is bringing some changes to CASTLE: as showrunner David Amann teased earlier this year, “Castle starts pursuing work that takes him outside of the 12th precinct.” Of course, what viewers now know is that the decision wasn’t his to make — he was banned from working with the NYPD in the midseason finale.

The first episode of 2015, “Castle, P.I.,” showcases the new dynamic the team is working with (and around). And since I had the chance to view the episode a little early, I have a few answers for your burning questions (and, as a reminder, the intention of these is always to tease, not completely spoil the episode)…

There’s a time jump, right? Do we get to see how Kate finds out about the fact that has been banned from the 12th? – @Sandraxf via Twitter

There is indeed a time jump — but it occurs before the episode even starts. So, no, you won’t see how/when/where Beckett finds out that Castle can no longer with the 12th; things pick up a bit after he’s been let go, and we get a little bit of dialogue to explain how Castle’s been handling it.

Will the episode address how Lanie and Esposito are holding up after the break up? – @BrissyApra via Twitter

Actually — surprisingly — no. Lanie isn’t even in the episode, so it’s not addressed. (Though Perlmutter’s reaction to Castle’s ban from the 12th — and then finding out that Castle has become a P.I. — is pretty great.)

How is the relationship dynamic between Rick and the team now that he is a P.I.? – @really_sharrie via Twitter

Well, they’re surprised he is a P.I., for starters. (The man can keep a secret when he wants to.)

It also gets highly competitive, because they realize they’ll never hear the end of it if Castle beats them sans traditional resources. (And Gates is not thrilled about the turn of events, given how strict the rules were that Castle not work on cases with her detectives.)

My only question is if Castle and Beckett will investigate the COTW together or if it’ll be once again Castle on his own :/ – ?@RyanPaulAddison via Twitter

Well, they’re really not supposed to work the “case of the week” together…and while they don’t, in the traditional sense, they do find their own unique ways to brainstorm what’s going on and include each other in a few important moments of the case.

How much will the Caskett shippers will like this episode? – @leriam10 via Twitter

I really don’t want to make a blanket promise that every shipper will love the episode. That being said, just because, technically, things have changed, that doesn’t mean suddenly Castle and Beckett are no longer sharing scenes: I could be mistaken, but it certainly felt like “Castle, P.I.” had the most Castle/Beckett screentime of the season. (I didn’t time the scenes, so it’s possible I’m wrong. But reflecting on the episode/the rest of the season, I certainly at least came away from the hour noticing how often they WERE together on-screen, in spite of the circumstances.) And because Castle really isn’t supposed to be at the precinct, it also means we do get to see more of their time at home.

Will the balance stay that way the rest of the arc? I can’t promise that. But at least for “Castle, P.I.,” it seemed like the show made sure to showcase that we’d still be seeing Castle and Beckett together.

Just curious, was there a clear winner at the end of the episode in solving the case? – @BecklebeeCastle via Twitter

Yep. (Though, there could be an argument made that the work the other person did along the way certainly helped a lot…)

Bonus tease: There’s a very genre-appropriate voice-over scene in the episode that made me laugh out loud. So very Castle (and CASTLE)-y.